Asking tarot how someone feels about you?

## Introduction to Tarot Card Reading

Delving into the spiritual realm of Tarot card reading is like embarking on a journey to discover one's soul, emotions, and subconscious mind. It opens the door to profound understanding and interpretation of human feelings. Tarot is one of the oldest means of fortune-telling, with its roots dating back to medieval Europe. A question often asked in this sphere is - "asking tarot how someone feels about you?"

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### Brief History of Tarot Cards

The first-ever Tarot cards were created in the mid-15th century in Italy, primarily used for playing games, not for divination purpose. It was during the late 18th century that these cards were associated with mystical symbolism leading to the modern-day Tarot reading. The deck of 78 cards, divided into Major and Minor Arcana, became a tool for self-discovery, guidance, and predictive prophecies.

### Understanding the Basics of Tarot Card Reading

Contrary to popular belief, Tarot is not only about predicting future events but more about offering insights into life's mysteries. It works on the principle of synchronicity and embraces aspects related to subconscious interpretations. By exploring the symbology of cards drawn in response to queries, we decipher messages from our higher self and the universe.

### Purpose of Asking Questions in a Tarot Reading

Questions serve as a guide in a tarot reading session, directing the flow towards deeper revelation. Instead of vague and general queries, specific questions fetch more accurate and insightful answers. They connect directly with our psyche and propagate self-realization.

## Focusing on Feelings Through Tarot Cards

Moving from general questions to feelings and emotions makes a tarot reading session more intimate and personal. This direction can unveil people's sentiments towards us, something we frequently wonder about.

### The Importance of Emotions in Tarot Readings

Our life revolves around emotions; hence, they are a crucial part of Tarot readings. The cards drawn represent our emotional energy at the time of the reading, and thus can indicate the feelings of others towards us.

### Frame Your Question Correctly

The correctness in framing a question is as important as the question itself. Make sure to ask open-ended questions, avoid 'yes or no' ones, and focus on empowering queries. It could be "What can I understand about this person's feelings towards me?"

## Specific Cards Signifying Feelings and Emotions

Each Tarot card holds specific meanings, some relating to feelings and emotions. Let's observe some Major and Minor Arcana cards linked to human sentiments.

### Major Arcana Cards Expressing Feelings

Major Arcana cards like "The Lovers" signify love, relationships, while "The Star" symbolizes hope and faith. These cards offer insight into strong positive emotions.

### Minor Arcana Cards Indicating Emotional States

On the other hand, Minor Arcana cards delve into day-to-day feelings. For instance, "Three of Cups" represents celebration and friendship while "Five of Cups" symbolizes disappointment or regret.

## Practical Aspects

While we have a basic understanding, let's learn how to practically ask Tarots about someone's sentiments towards you and interpret the spread.

### How to Ask Tarots about Someone's Feelings Towards You?

Begin by clearing your mind, focusing on the individual, and asking your categorized question. Draw a card or a group of cards (common spreads include three-card spread or Celtic Cross), but never rush through it.

### Interpreting The Spread Related To Someone's Feeling Towards You 

To understand the emotional connection, scrutinize each card in relation to your question. For instance, "Eight of Wands" could represent swift and positive communication whereas "Ten of Swords" might depict emotional hurt or disappointment.

### Common Mistakes Made When Inquiring About Someone’s Feeling

It's essential to avoid mistakes like asking repetitive questions, misinterpreting the cards, and being overly dependent on the reading.

## Conclusion: Harnessing the Power of the Tarots to Understand Feelings

Using Tarot to comprehend the feelings of others towards us can foster better relationships and awareness. Do remember, Tarot merely guides but does not command actions. Decisions must always be based on personal judgement and factual assessments. With practice and patience, Tarot becomes a profound tool for self-understanding and personal growth.

## Possible FAQs:

- **Can Tarot Really Tell How Someone Feels About You?**
Tarot can provide insights into someone's feelings but cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. The reading is based on current energy and can change with situations.

- **What Are Some Common Mistakes When Asking About Someone’s Feelings in a Tarot Reading?**
Asking repetitive questions, expecting direct answers, and misinterpreting cards are common mistakes when inquiring about feelings.

- **How Can I Frame My Questions Effectively During a Tarot Reading Focused on Emotions?**
Make your questions open-ended and more focused on what you can learn or understand about the emotions.

- **What Is the Significance of Major Arcana Cards in Understanding Someone’s Feeling For You Through Tarot Readings?**
Major Arcana cards are often seen as more potent in their message and can indicate intense feelings or major influences on feelings.

- **How Are Minor Arcana Cards Indicative of Emotional States in Tarot Readings?**
Minor Arcana cards represent day-to-day feelings or temporary emotional states.

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