Celestial tarot cards how to use?

Introduction to Celestial Tarot Cards

The celestial tarot is a unique mix of astrology and tarot, two elements that serve to provide insightful advice and guidance. The keyphrase "Celestial tarot cards how to use" gives a clear understanding about the use of these mystical items in daily life. The rich tapestry of their history, origins, and relevance in today’s society enlightens those interested in this ancient tool of divination.

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Overview of Celestial Tarot

Celestial Tarot cards envelop an individual with knowledge about the significance of stars and planets, as well as their impact and influence on human affairs. Each card not only depicts stunning images but also emanates deep wisdom and symbology which demand in-depth interpretation.

History and Origins of Celestial Tarot Cards

Conceived out of the wisdom and teachings imbued in astrology, celestial tarot has grown symbiotically with the development of human civilizations. The earliest records trace back to ancient Greece where the usage was predominant among priests and scholars.

Relevance and Popularity in Today’s Society

In recent times, the appeal of celestial tarot cards has skyrocketed. They provide users with a tangible means of connecting with the astral world, making it a popular choice among mystics and spiritual enthusiasts aiming for personal growth, self-exploration, or seeking answers about their future.

Understanding The Philosophy Behind the Celestial Tarot Cards

The philosophy behind celestial tarot cards is an intriguing blend of mystic science and astrological influence.

Inner Workings and Symbolism

An understanding of the inherent symbolism is crucial for interpreting celestial tarot cards. The cards represent not only the celestial bodies but also other elements like zodiac signs, houses or aspects of astrology.

Astrological Association in Celestial Tarot

Each card in the celestial tarot has a connection with specific aspects of astrology. This astrological tie plays a significant role in the interpretations of the celestial tarot cards.

How to Use the Celestial Tarot

Having understood the principles behind celestial tarot, a crucial aspect remains – how to use them?

Properly Shuffling and Arranging the Deck

There are multiple schools of thought on shuffling and arranging the celestial tarot deck, each with its own merits. However, the focus should always be on focusing your energies, and let intuition guide you.

Interpreting Individual Cards: Case Studies

Ace of Clouds (the Lovers)

As an example, let’s consider the Ace of Clouds, synonymous with the Lovers card in traditional tarot decks…

Ten of Orbs (the Hermit)

Similarly, the Ten of Orbs card has congruent symbolism to The Hermit card…

Queen of Wind (the Magician)

The Queen of Wind is equivalent to The Magician card…

Readings Using The Celestial Tarots

The intended purpose of celestial tarot cards extends beyond mere reader curiosity. They serve as a guide for life events and decision making.

Basic Guide for Conducting a Reading Session

Conducting a celestial tarot reading requires careful preparation…

Tips for Interconnecting Symbols Among Different cards

Understanding interconnecting symbols among different cards provides deeper insight into a reading…

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

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Conclusion: Summarizing the Usage of Celestial Tarots

In using "celestial tarot cards how to use?" as our guide, we have explored the fascinating sphere of celestial tarot…

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