How often should i do tarot readings?

Understanding Tarot Reading

Introducing oneself to the mystical world of Tarot Card reading is like opening up a new realm of understanding and perception, both about oneself and the world around. A keyphrase that pops up in every enthusiast’s mind is, "How often should I do tarot readings?" This question itself is loaded with multiple interpretations depending on individual preferences, intentions, and situational contexts.

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The Purpose and Benefits of Tarot Readings

Tarot readings have long been a tool for seeking guidance, clarity, and wisdom through contemplative engagement with an array of symbolic imagery. This method of divination is used for various purposes ranging from asking specific questions, gaining insights into past, present, or future situations, personal guidance for life transition phases to manifesting personal goals. It can support mental resilience, help seek inner peace, provide a fresh perspective on life issues and above all, empower the individual with introspective self-awareness.

The Historical Context of Tarot Card Readings

Historically traced back to the mid-15th century in various cultures across Europe, tarot was initially a mere card game. However, towards the end of the 18th century, tarot switched its role from mere entertainment to becoming a spiritual tool for divination. Today it stands revered as an insightful method to tap into our unconscious mind and intuition in order to find answers we seek about our lives.

Frequency of Tarot Readings

The Factors Influencing the Frequency of Tarot Card Reading

The consideration of when and how often one should engage in tarot reading depends highly on their personal needs, mental readiness, and intent behind seeking guidance. There are no rigid rules to this, it rests heavily upon how deeply you understand yourself and respect the art of tarot.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Tarot Reading Pros and Cons

Reading tarot cards daily can prove beneficial as a mode of understanding oneself better and making conscious decisions for the day. These readings are mostly centered around understanding energies and influences that may affect the day. On the other hand, weekly or monthly readings, usually done at the beginning, can offer broader perspectives and insights into upcoming major life events.

How Personal Situations Can Dictate the Frequency

Personal situations often dictate the frequency of tarot readings. For instance, during times of uncertainty or significant change, one may choose to engage in more frequent readings to gain guidance. It is important to listen to one’s intuition and energy levels when deciding this.

Appropriate Times for a New Reading

Timeframes between Professional Readings

Dedicated timeframes between professional readings might give an individual space to reflect and act upon the previous reading’s guidance. This needs to be formulated on an individualistic basis, considering personal comfort, issues at hand, and how the individual interprets and uses the insights gained.

When to Go for Another Reading After a Momentous Event

After momentous events or significant changes in life, one may again be inclined to have tarot readings. The cards could possibly offer advice on tackling new changes or better understanding the implications of such events.

How Your Energy Level Determine Time for A New Reading

Our energies and emotional states play a pivotal role in the frequency of tarot readings. Make sure you approach your reading with open receptivity and calmness. Frequent readings during turbulent emotional states might give confusing or undesirable insights.

Ideal Practices for Regular Readers

Balancing the Frequency of Readings with Personal Energy Levels

Tarot is about balance. Too many readings can generate over-reliance, and too few may inhibit spiritual growth. Seek readings while paying heed to your personal energy levels and emotional readiness.

Respecting Your Cards and Understanding Their "Mood"

Sometimes your tarot cards may start giving unclear or repetitive results, this may indicate a need to pause, cleanse, and recharge the cards. Respect the spirit of the cards and understand their "mood".

How Often Should One Cleanse Their Tarot Deck

Cards should be cleansed whenever their energy feels congested or unresponsive. Methods can vary from exposing them to moonlight, smudging, burying in salt, or simply knocking on them.


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In summary, the answer to "How often should I do tarot readings?" lies in personal application and intent. It’s vital to use tarot as a tool for guidance and insight, not an absolute prescription. The frequency of tarot readings can be adjusted according to personal situations and energy levels, always balancing the benefits and potential downsides. The cornerstone throughout remains respect towards the art of tarot readings as a crucial practice – a compass guiding through life’s journey.

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