How to bless your tarot cards?

"Understanding Tarot Cards" is vital to deciphering the knowledge stored within its vivid illustrations. This mystic wisdom, however, can be enhanced significantly if you learn "How to bless your tarot cards?". Invoking blessings isn’t merely a ritualistic exercise; it ensures your deck is imbued with positive energies, which in turn lend clarity to your readings.

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Understanding Tarot Cards

The myriad images on these cards connect us to the universal consciousness facilitating self-introspection and spiritual progression. These Divine messages are fostered via the reader’s energy, making it crucial to preserve a positive field around your tarot cards.

Need for Blessing Tarot Cards

Every interaction leaves an energy imprint on tarot cards affecting their readings. Blessing your tarot cards can help cleanse these residual energies. It helps establish a stronger connection between you and the deck, enhancing your intuition and interpretation of the messages relayed.

Choosing the Right Time and Place for Blessing

Selecting a serene environment is essential before you commence the blessing. Align this process with lunar cycles for an enhanced vibrational appeal; the waxing moon phase is commonly preferred.

Clearing Negative Energies Before You Begin

Before blessing your tarot cards, free them from prior energies they might hold. Incense sticks or smudge sticks can prove useful in carrying out this cleansing ritual; their smoke is touted for its potent cleansing properties.

Blessing Through Meditation and Visualization

Meditation connects us to our higher consciousness, making it a potent tool in infusing positive energy into your tarot cards. Visualize the deck receiving cosmic energy or white light that purifies and energizes it.

Using Crystals or Stones in the Blessing Ceremony

Gemstones with healing properties or quartz crystals have been used for centuries for their ability to charge items with positive energy. Placing your deck beside these gems can help bless them with positive vibrations.

Incorporating Essential Oils in the Card-Blessing Rituals

Anointing the corners of your tarot cards with essential oils like lavender or rose is another popular blessing ritual. The soothing aroma can further enhance the sacredness of the ceremony.

The Role of Prayer While You’re Preparing to Bless

A heartfelt prayer immediately before beginning the blessing can create a strong protective and healing aura around your tarot cards, helping them channel insightful messages for you.

Why Proper Storage Matters After the Process of Blessing

The atmosphere in which you store your blessed tarot cards impacts their energy. Keep them wrapped in silk or stored in wooden boxes to preserve their sanctity.

Choosing Between Silk, Cloth, or Leather Bags for Storing Your Tarots Cards

Natural materials like silk, cloth, or leather are known to safeguard your tarot cards from attracting negative energies. They also provide a gentle cushion support preserving the physical integrity of your cards.


  1. What does it mean to bless your tarot cards?
    Blessing tarot cards involves cleansing and empowering them with positive energy.

  2. How often should I bless my tarot cards?
    Bless your tarot cards as often as you feel necessary, particularly when readings seem unclear or when using new decks.

  3. What other tools can be used while blessing tarot cards?
    Besides essentials oils, crystals, and meditation, many readers use white sage or palo santo for smudging, along with holy water, divine symbols, or potpourri bags.

The Final Word on Blessing Your Tarot Cards

Understanding how to bless your tarot cards serves a dual purpose. It not only amplifies your deck’s attunement with cosmic insights but also strengthens your bond with it. The blessing process hence emerges as an imperative step in mastering tarot readings.

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