How to charge tarot cards in moonlight?

Introduction to Tarot Charging

Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a powerful divination tool. But how can they be optimized to enhance their spiritual energy? One highly effective method is by charging tarot cards in moonlight. Doing this can rejuvenate and amplify the natural energies of the tarot, improving its potential as a medium for intuitive guidance.

How to charge tarot cards in moonlight?Image by Kayla Maurais. Source: Unsplash.

Understanding Tarot Charging: What Does it Mean?

Tarot charging involves infusing the cards with certain energetic frequencies. This act can be compared to charging a battery; similar to how a battery receives and stores power, tarot cards are ‘charged’ to enhance their spiritual energy.

Importance of Moonlight in Charging Tarot Cards

Moonlight plays a crucial role in charging tarot cards. The lunar energy possesses unique properties that influence our emotions and psyche. When we charge tarots under moonlight, we imbue them with that distinct lunar vibration, leading to more authentic and intuitive readings.

Exploring the Connection between Tarot Cards and Nature’s Elements

Tarot cards are deeply connected to nature’s elements—earth, air, fire, and water. However, an element often overlooked is spirit, within which lies the energy of the moon. By charging tarots with moonlight, we tap into this spirit energy, strengthening the bond between the natural world and the deck.

The Science of Charging Tarot Cards in Moonlight

Divulging into Lunar Energy: Relevance in Esoteric Practices

Lunar Energy has significant relevance in esoteric practices. It’s not just symbolic; science asserts that the moon affects various biological rhythms on earth—a testament to its energetic prowess. In tarot charging, we leverage these special vibes, enabling cards to resonate better with users’ energies, thus improving their divination capabilities.

The Power of Full Moon: Unraveling its Significance in Tarot Card Charging

A Full Moon carries immense energy, making it the most suitable phase for tarot charging. During this phase, the moon’s energy is at its peak, offering an optimum charging window. Users often experience crystal clear interpretations and profound insights from full moon-charged tarots.

The Relationship Between Lunar Phases & Potency of Charged Tarots

Different lunar phases imbue different energies into the tarots. Charging during a waning moon can aid in releasing old energies, while a waxing moon could help in manifesting new intentions. Hence, the lunar phase you choose to charge your tarots under plays a significant role in determining their potency.

A Detailed Guide on How to Charge Your Tarots In Moonlight

Preparations before the Charge – Cleansing your Deck, Setting Intentions & More

The act of charging a tarot deck goes beyond merely placing the cards under moonlight. It requires necessary preparations such as cleansing the deck beforehand and setting clear intentions for your cards.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Charging Your Cards Under the Moonlight

The process is simple – start by placing your tarot deck directly under moonlight. Let it sit there undisturbed, absorbing the lunar energies. You may meditate or perform other spiritual practices during this time. Finally, once charged, keep the tarot back in a silk or velvet cloth to retain its energies.

Useful Tips for Efficiently Charging Your Deck

Taking Advantage of Lunar Events – Eclipses, Super Moons, Blue Moons etc.

Special lunar events like Super Moons or Blue Moons carry heightened energies. Make use of these times to charge your decks for additional power.

Pairing Crystals with your Decks During the Charge – Leveraging Amplified Energy

Crystals too store lunar energies effectively. You can pair specific crystals with your tarot deck during moon charging to amplify energy absorption.


Q>: Does charging tarots under different lunar phases yield varied results?
Yes, tarots absorb and harness the specific energies of different lunar phases, leading to varied effects.

Q>: Is it possible to overcharge your tarot deck by exposing them too long to the moonlight?
No, tarots cannot be overcharged. However, prolonged exposure can lead to the cards losing their energy faster.

Q>: Are indoor settings as effective as outdoor settings in moon-charged tarots?
The ideal scenario is charging the tarot outdoors. However, if that is not feasible, placing your deck near a window where the moonlight streams in is also quite effective.

Conclusion: The Powerification and Transformation through Lunar-Charged Decks

By charging tarot cards in moonlight, we unlock their full potential, transforming them into powerful spiritual tools. Step into this mystical practice and let the lunar energies guide you on an enlightening path of wisdom and clarity.

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