How to cleanse tarot cards with sage?

How to Cleanse Tarot Cards with Sage

Have you ever wondered about the methods to reset and refresh the energies encompassed in your Tarot cards? This article is designed to help you understand exactly "how to cleanse tarot cards with sage", a common practice imbued with deep-rooted spiritual significance.

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What are Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards, a mystical path to insights and guidance, have been held in high esteem since their genesis in the 15th century. These esoteric tools are comprised of 78 individual cards, each illustrating distinct symbolic images sitting at the intersection of multiple dimensions – spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. The cards echo messages and predictions, wisely decoded by tarot readers across the globe.

The Importance of Cleansing Tarot Cards

Cleansing plays a quintessential role in keeping your tarot deck energetically pure. When you cleanse your tarot cards, you are essentially wiping away all the previous energy patterns, which might interfere with your readings. Hence, cleansing empowers you with accurate and clarified insights.

Sage and its Significance in Purification Practices

Sage – a perennial, evergreen plant known for its purifying and healing properties holds a venerable place in spiritual rituals. Often used in smudging ceremonies, burning sage creates a smoke that’s believed to cleanse negative energy and restore balance.

Understanding the Need for Cleansing Tarot cards

Why and When to Cleanse Your tarot cards?

Cleansing your tarot cards is a mindfulness practice that helps enhance their potential. You should cleanse your deck after buying a new one, after particularly intense readings or when the cards feel energetically cluttered or start giving inconsistent readings.

Effects of External Energies on Tarot Card Readings

The external energies your tarot cards encounter can greatly influence your readings. These energies may stem from the people who touch the cards, the various places where the deck is stored or the emotional atmosphere during a reading. Harmonizing these energies is crucial for accurate readings.

Signs your tarot cards need cleansing

Cards need cleansing when they start giving confusing or unclear readings, feel off or strange to touch or when they have been accessed by a large number of individuals. Your intuition can also guide you to the need for cleansing.

The Process of Cleaning Tarot Cards with Sage

Materials You’ll Need to Cleanse Tarot Cards with Sage

To perform a sage cleansing of your tarot deck, you’ll require a sage bundle for smudging, a fire-resistant container for catching ash, a feather or hand fan to distribute the smoke, and an intention or prayer of cleansing.

Step-by-Step Guide for Cleansing Your tarot cards with Sage

Start with setting your intention or prayer, light up the sage bundle and distribute the smoke over each card. Visualize negativity leaving your deck and being replaced by pure, vibrant energy.

Post-Cleansing Next Steps: Storing your cleansed tarot decks & Appropriate care measures.

After cleansing, store your deck in a clean and sacred space- a silk cloth wrap or a wooden box could be suitable. Treat your cards with respect; limit the number of people who handle them, and pay attention to their storage conditions.

Other Methods to Cleanse Tarots Cards

Moonlight Bath

Moonlight can purify and recharge your tarot cards. Place your deck under moonlight, especially during a full moon, to harness its purifying energy.

Salt Burial

Burying your cards in salt helps remove negative energies. The earthy element can refresh and restore their vibrancy.


Can I use a sage spray instead of burning sage?

Yes, you can use a sage spray as an alternative. It’s especially useful for people sensitive to smoke or those who prefer an easy-to-use option.

How often should I cleanse my tarot card deck?

There are different views on the frequency of cleansing. It can range from after every reading to only when you intuitively feel the need.

What other herbs can I use besides sage to cleanse my tarot cards?

Alternatives include Palo Santo for grounding energies, Sweetgrass for inviting positive vibes, or lavender for adding calming effects.


Cleansing tarot cards, particularly with sage, is an insightful journey towards maintaining a pure and high-vibe divination practice. It’s more than ritualistic – it’s about respecting the sacred utilities that beacon the world of unseen insights and wisdom. In a nutshell, regular cleansing will ensure that your tarot readings stay accurate, clear, and infused with positivity.

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