How to do a pregnancy tarot reading?

How to do a Pregnancy Tarot Reading?

Delving into the emotional whirlpool of pregnancy can be overwhelming and tarot readings are a popular means to seek guidance and calm anxieties. People often turn to tarot readings during pregnancy for insightful revelations and signs about their impending motherhood journey. The age-old bond between human life events and tarot readings is reflected in the power and symbolism embodied by the tarot cards. This article will explore how to perform a pregnancy tarot reading, thereby unraveling this mystical art.

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Relevancy of Tarot Readings during Pregnancy

Exploring one’s unconscious mind, tarot cards serve as a mirror to our thoughts and feelings, thus manifesting our fears, dreams, anxieties, and hopes. During pregnancy, emotions run high and fluctuate unpredictably. Engagement in a pregnancy tarot reading process provides a platform for expectant mothers to express and understand their feelings, put their worries into perspective, and seek direction for their impending parenting journey.

The Power and Symbolism of Tarot Cards

The tangible energy behind each tarot card is deeply woven into its intricate symbolism. These cards are not just artistry but tools that echo the narrative of our lives, implying various situations that span human existence. Tarot cards embody archetypal images dealing with fundamental life events that an individual experiences, one of which includes pregnancy.

Brief Overview of Tarot Reading for Pregnancy

Tarot readings for pregnancy fundamentally hinge on deciphering the symbolism of cards in relation to the theme of fertility, motherhood, and pregnancy. It’s also essentially a spiritual tool to alleviate fear and uncertainty facing the profound life-altering change of becoming a mother.

Understanding the Philosophy behind Pregnancy Tarot Reading

The essence of performing pregnancy tarot readings lies in understanding its philosophy. Rooted back in ancient times, the connection between tarots and life events is believed to be innate. Tarots, with their unique symbolism, often relate to pregnancy event situations and provide guiding interpretations.

The Ancient Connection between Tarots and Life Events

History is evidence of the timeless bond between tarots and life events. Since ancient times, tarots were used as a spiritual guide, helping individuals make sense of their past, present, and future circumstances. The cards provide profound insight into an individual’s life journey and contribute to personal growth.

Symbolism in Relation to Pregnancy on Tarot Cards

The tarot deck is replete with symbolic imageries that reflect aspects of human life, including pregnancy. Certain cards like The Empress or The Sun are traditionally associated with fertility and can imply pregnancy. However, interpreting the symbolism as it directly pertains to an individual in context to her question or situation is most important.

General Rules for Interpreting Tarots during Pregnancy

Interpreting tarots during pregnancy requires discretion and sensitivity. It’s crucially vital to focus on the subtle nuances of the reading. Tarot reading more often symbolizes metaphorical transformations or changes than predicting literal events. Letting fear influence the interpretation of seemingly negative cards, like The Tower or Death, may lead to distress and become a deterrent to practicing tarot during pregnancy.

Step-by-step Procedure for Conducting a Pregnancy Tarot Reading

Performing a pregnancy tarot reading involves specific steps – from initial preparation to interpreting the selected cards.

Preparation before the Reading

Before getting started with the reading, selecting the deck is the first step. Opting for a deck that resonates with you on a personal level can help in producing more intuitive readings. At the same time, creating a conducive environment enhances focus and aids in connecting with your inner self better.

Selecting the Correct Spread Appropriate for a Pregnancy Reading

Tarot readers should adopt a spread appropriate for a pregnancy reading that would facilitate good guidance and insight. A three-card spread which signifies past, present and future is often employed. However, a personalized spread catering to distinct questions related to pregnancy can also be designed.

Process of Shuffling and Choosing Cards

Shuffling the deck while focusing on your question will infuse your energy into the cards. Once you feel ready, draw the cards for your spread.

Guide into Interpreting Selected Cards

Understanding the implications of each chosen card, in connection with pregnancy, shapes the crux of the reading. Every card carries a ‘energy’ whose interpretation although bears general connotations, should be tailored according to individual circumstances.

Specific Learnings from Noteworthy Tarot Cards in Relation to Pregnancies

Major Arcana cards like The Empress or The Sun often bring forth positive signs while cards like The Tower or Death carry negative connotations. However, understanding that these may symbolize metaphorical transformations rather than actual events is key.

Overview of Positive Signs in Major Arcana

The Empress, known as the Mother of tarot, generally represents motherhood and is perceived as a positive omen in pregnancy readings. Similarly, The Sun signifies life-force, energy, and vitality that align perfectly with the theme of growing life that pregnancy represents.

Interpretation of Negative Connotations in Major Arcana

Negative symbolism in tarot readings is often misinterpreted. The Tower card signifies chaos and destruction but it can also imply the overwhelming changes that pregnancy brings about. Similarly, Death is typically a dreaded card but it often symbolizes ending of one phase and beginning of a new phase in life.

Common Misunderstandings and Misinterpretations Debunked

Common misconceptions about tarot readings often involve the fear that there is "one true answer" or dire predictions coincide with negative symbols. Debunking these myths is critical for a balanced and unbiased approach to tarot reading.

Understanding that there isn’t "one True Answer"

Tarot reading is not predictive but instead symbolic and interpretive. The readings give insight about probabilities based on the querent’s current path and can change with changing circumstances and decisions.

Debunking Dire Predictions Coinciding with Negative Symbols

Negative symbols in tarot do not directly predict dire outcomes. More often, they indicate changes, transformations, or challenges that require action or adaptation. Interpreting them as a part of holistic perspective rather than isolating them as definitive prophecy invites a more balanced understanding.


To conclude, the ability to do a pregnancy tarot reading can be comforting and empowering during a transformative phase in a woman’s life. Moreover, it’s critical to emphasize responsibility and empathy while interpreting readings, especially sensitive topics like pregnancy. While the insights derived are helpful, they are not set in stone and should be used as guidance rather than certainty.

FAQs (If Applicable)

The following FAQs provide additional insights into specific questions regarding pregnancy tarot readings:

What does the Empress Card mean during a pregnancy tarot read?

The Empress Card in tarot often symbolizes fertility, nurturing, and productivity which aligns with the essence of motherhood. Thus, during a pregnancy tarot read, it is considered a positive sign indicating growth and abundance.

Can Tarots predict the sex of the baby?

While some believe that certain cards may suggest the gender of the baby, it’s critical to understand that tarots are mainly interpretative tools rather than predicting ones. They guide based on the energies and possibilities at play rather than deliver definitive answers.

Can Tarots accurately predict future pregnancies or infertility?

While tarots can give hints about potential outcomes based on the current path of an individual, they cannot accurately predict definite events like future pregnancies or infertility. They serve more as a tool to gain introspective insights and guidance rather than confirmative predetermination.

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