How to meditate with tarot cards?

Chapter 1: Introduction

Understanding the connection between Tarot and meditation is an empowering way to integrate a deeper level of introspection into your mindfulness practice. Tarot has been used for centuries as a tool for spiritual guidance and personal growth, mimicking these goals; Meditation strives to provide a clear path towards inner peace and self-understanding.

How to meditate with tarot cards?Image by Jared Rice. Source: Unsplash.

This fusion of tarot and meditation forms an extraordinary method, providing insightful narratives that can further enhance the purity of your mindfulness regime. It allows individuals to tap into their subconscious, helping them uncover hidden truths about themselves or their circumstances.

Lastly, this chapter will also provide a brief overview of the process necessary to effectively meditate with tarot cards. This should offer a roadmap that will serve as guidance throughout the rest of the article.

Chapter 2: Preparing for Tarot Card Meditation

Before beginning this unique meditation practice, you need to make adequate preparations. First is the selection of suitable tarot cards. While some people choose to meditate with one card, others might prefer using multiple cards. All in all, the decision is based on personal preferences and intended outcomes.

Equally important is creating a conducive environment for meditation. As with traditional meditation, spaces that are quiet, clutter-free and comforting can significantly boost concentration and relaxation during practice. For some people, this might mean having candles or incense lit to usher in an atmosphere of tranquility.

Finally, preparing your mindset and setting clear intentions is an integral part of successful tarot card meditation. By clearly defining your intentions and focusing your mind on your goals, you cultivate an environment that encourages positive energy flow.

Chapter 3: Step-by-step Guideline to Meditating with Tarot Cards

The primary action is choosing your tarot card for meditation. Once you have selected your card(s), initiate the meditative process by tuning into the energy of the selected tarot card. The objective is to connect with the card on a deeply personal level.

As you meditate, visualize the imagery depicted on the tarot card. Use your intuition to interpret the scene being set in the picture and apply it to your life or situation. This visualization and interpretation process provides an opportunity for deep internal communication with oneself that helps uncover hidden truths.

Chapter 4: Maximizing the Benefits Outcomes from the Practice

To further maximize the benefits from this practice, document your reflections post-meditation in a journal. This practice can facilitate a deep understanding of your inner self through the analysis of your thought patterns.

Consistency also plays a central role in reaping the full benefits of tarot card meditation.Regular practice increases your familiarity with the tarot cards and strengthens your intuitive muscle, leading to deeper, more insightful meditations over time.

Consider incorporating other spiritual practices with tarot card meditation. This could be anything from incorporating yoga flows before or after your meditation to burning sage to cleanse the energy of your space before your practice.


  • How can beginners start meditating with tarot cards?
    Beginners can start by choosing a quiet and comfortable space, selecting a single tarot card for meditation, then slowly advancing to more complicated readings as they gain more experience.

  • Are particular tarot cards better for meditation purposes for those new to this method?
    While there are no hard rules on this, beginners might find it helpful to start with major arcana cards as they represent big-picture life themes, making them easier to meditate on.

  • What is the role of interpretation in a tarot card meditation process?
    Interpretation plays an integral part in this practice. It helps individuals decipher the meaning behind tarot imagery based on their feelings, intuitions, and personal circumstances.


To conclude, meditating with tarot cards offers boundless potential for personal growth and spiritual insight. Not only does it encourage deep introspection, but it also provides a means of amplifying the benefits of traditional meditation practices. Individuals keen on tapping into this realm of deep awareness and spiritual enlightenment should consider adding this practice to their mindfulness regime.

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