How to properly get rid of tarot cards?


The world of tarot cards is one teeming with mystery and significance. From helping to unveil the secrets of the future to steering individuals towards self-discovery, tarot cards hold an impressive place in the realm of divination. However, a question that often perplexes enthusiasts is "How to properly get rid of tarot cards?". Though shrouded by various misconceptions, the process can be achieved seamlessly if approached correctly.

How to properly get rid of tarot cards?Image by Kayla Maurais. Source: Unsplash.

Understanding the Concept of Tarot Cards

At their core, tarot cards serve as a potent tool for introspection and guidance. They become a mirror, revealing reflections of an individual’s psyche that are often concealed even to their holder. Such a delicate task requires a deep connection imbued with purity and respect between the reader and the deck.

The Importance of Properly Disposing of Tarot Cards

Why is it crucial to properly get rid of tarot cards? Over time, tarot cards can hold on to heavy emotional loadings, making them less effective as divination tools and even negatively impacting readings. Just as importantly, each deck carries, and is sensitive to, unique energy dynamics. Regularly cleansing and appropriately disposing of old or ineffective tarots can help maintain these dynamics at their most beneficial.

Popular Misconceptions About Discarding Tarot Cards

Popular misconceptions can cloud judgement when it comes to disposing of your tarots. Some believe that discarding them attracts negative energy or karma – an unfounded myth. The essential factor lies not in discarding itself, but in how it’s done, underlining the significance of proper disposal methods.

Recognizing When to Dispose of Tarot Cards and Why

An intuitive understanding of one’s deck is vital in choosing when it’s time to part ways. By staying attentive to the signs and understanding the implications, one can wisely determine the right time for replacement.

Signs Your Tarot Cards Need to be Replaced

Tarot cards can show tell-tale symptoms when needing replacement – ranging from physical damage, such as fading images or corner peels, to unexplainable inconsistencies in readings. You may also experience a sudden, inexplicable disconnect from your deck, indicating it’s time for a new one.

Situations That Call for Disposal of Tarot Cards

Several situations might necessitate the disposal of a tarot deck. Perhaps you have inherited cards that carry energies incompatible with yours, or maybe the cards have facilitated extremely emotional readings that have left them bearing the weight of heavy energies. In such cases, it would be sensible to part with the deck appropriately.

Effects on Intuition and Connection with Ineffective or Worn Out Card Drawings

An ineffective or worn-out deck can impede your intuition and distort the connection you’ve built with your cards, affecting the accuracy and effectiveness of your readings. It is the health of this bond that ultimately determines the quality and depth of your tarots’ insights.

Practical Steps in Disposing Of Your Old Tarot Cards

With clarity on recognizing when and why to dispose of your cards, let’s now explore how you can undertake this task responsibly.

Correct Methods to Dispose Off your Old Set of cards

You can employ several methods to part with your old tarot deck. You may choose to burn them, releasing their energies back into the universe, or bury them, signifying a return to nature. Alternatively, you could also send them off in a body of water. Whichever method you opt for should resonate with you and reflect respect for the tool that has served you well.

Special Rituals Performed Before Parting with your Old Deck

Conduct a farewell ritual before parting with your tarot cards. This act symbolizes closure and allows a gentle release. Light a candle, place your cards within a circle, and express gratitude for their guidance. The specific ritual is less important than its intention – which should be of appreciation and respect.

The Environmental Considerations for Throwing Away Used Divination Tools

It’s important to bear in mind the environmental implications of your disposal method. If your cards are biodegradable, earth-burying can work. For non-biodegradable decks, you may wish to consider recycling, if appropriate.

Moving Forward After Getting Rid Of Your Tarot Deck

Saying goodbye to an old deck invites the opportunity for new beginnings – it’s time to welcome a new set of cards into your practice.

Transition Period: What to Expect

Allow yourself a transition period after disposing of your old deck. You may experience a sense of loss or emptiness. Use this time to introspect and realign your energies before embracing a fresh deck.

Steps Involved in Building Connection with a New Deck

Building a connection with a new tarot deck involves cleansing it first either by smudging or using moonlight. Spend time with your new cards, exploring each one. The more time you dedicate to understanding them, the stronger your intuition becomes.

Tips on Maintaining Connection with Your New Deck

To maintain the connection with your new deck, cleanse it regularly and handle it with respect. Store it properly and use a cloth or tarot box for protection. Personalize the act of bonding – make it a living part of your journey with tarot.


– What are the most responsible ways to get rid of a tarot deck?

The most responsible methods are those that consider both spiritual and environmental aspects. You can choose to burn, bury in the earth or send off in water as long as no harmful environmental impact is created.

– Is it okay to keep old and worn-out tarot cards?

While you can keep them as keepsakes, worn-out cards might not provide accurate readings and can affect your connection to the deck.

– Can you recycle tarot cards? If so, how?

Yes, you can recycle tarot cards if they are made of recyclable material. Consult a recycling center or an environmental agency on the proper way to recycle them.

– How do I know when it’s time to replace my tarots?

Listen to your intuition and watch out for physical signs of wear and tear or inconsistencies in readings.


Understanding how to properly get rid of tarot cards paves the way to experience the power of these divination tools at their pinnacle. A respectful farewell to an old deck not only maintains its harmonic energy but also ushers you into a renewed journey with your new deck – a journey imbued with growth, exploration, and deeper self-understanding.

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