How to read sideways tarot cards?

Introduction to Sideways Tarot Cards

Step into the mystical world of tarot cards, a realm where every card pulls you towards a unique path of insights and introspection. Each deck of tarot cards is brimming with symbols and messages that provide clear guidance when understood correctly. The orientation of a tarot card – upright, reversed, or sideways – is crucial as it greatly impacts the interpretation of these messages. Learning "how to read sideways tarot cards," therefore, is a valuable skill for anyone with an interest in divination techniques or spiritual guidance.

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Unveiling the World of Tarot Cards

Tarot cards serve as tools to unlock hidden aspects of our consciousness and reveal truths about our lives, relationships, and aspirations. Each card contains imagery filled with profound symbolism, adding layers of meaning that vary depending on the position they appear in a reading. Mastering the language of these symbols equates to decoding an esoteric form of communication from the universe to the individual.

Orientation of Tarot Cards: Upright, Reversed and Sideways

In a regular tarot reading, an upright card could imply positive connotations while a reversed one might indicate challenges or obstacles. On the other hand, interpreting sideways tarot cards requires an insightful approach that embraces ambiguity and encourages intuitive understanding.

Importance of Card Position in a Tarot Reading

The position of the card in a spread also influences the reading greatly. It highlights different aspects related to the question asked – past influences, present circumstances, or future potential outcomes. Combining this understanding with the orientation of the card provides a detailed landscape of the situation at hand.

Understanding Sideways Tarot Cards

To gain a full understanding of sideways tarot cards, we must dive deeper into their meanings, recognize the role intuition plays in their interpretation, and understand how they differ from traditionally positioned cards.

Decoding the Secret Meanings

Sideways tarot cards often suggest a situation or issue that exists in a grey area, something that isn’t as binary as right or wrong, black or white. These meanings might be more subtle, layered, or complex, warranting a careful and thoughtful reading.

Role of Intuition in Interpreting Sideways Tarots

Reinforcing the importance of intuition while interpreting tarot, especially for sideways cards, cannot be overstated. This relies more on your gut feeling or inherent understanding of the situation than literal interpretation based on traditional card meanings.

Difference Between Traditional and Sideway Interpretations

The primary difference lies in the area of focus; traditional interpretation focuses on predefined symbolic meanings attached to the cards, while sideways tarot reading emphasizes the reader’s intuitive understanding and subjective perspective.

How to Read Sideways Tarot Cards

The journey of learning how to read sideways tarot cards involves preparing for the reading, understanding the reading process, and decoding common symbols.

Preparing for a Reading

Before any reading, calm your mind and focus on the query or issue at hand. It’s essential to approach the reading with an open mind and heart to receive the messages effectively.

The Process of Reading Sideways Cards

A sideways tarot card reading begins by laying the cards out in your chosen spread. As you interpret them, dive deep into your intuitive understanding. Trust your instincts to guide you through the meanings rather than sticking strictly to traditional interpretations.

Common Symbols and Their Interpretations in Side-ways Position

The interpretation of symbols in sidewards card reading is directly influenced by your intuition. Some symbols might prompt thoughts or emotions based on your personal experiences. Use this information as a guide to assemble a more detailed insight.

Tips for Accurate Interpretation of Sideways Tarot Card Readings

The art of tarot cards interpretation is perfected with practice, intuition development, and embracing the ambiguity associated with sideways positioned cards.

Developing Your Intuition

Meditation and mindfulness practices can prove beneficial in enhancing your intuition. This, coupled with continuous learning and practice, sharpens this important skill.

Balancing the Conscious and Subconscious Mind for Precise Results

Establishing a balance between your conscious and subconscious mind allows for a more holistic interpretation of the cards. It promotes a deeper connection with yourself, leading to more precise results from your readings.

Embracing Ambiguity with Sideways Positioned Cards

Sideways tarot cards often inhabit the realm of ambiguity. Embrace this as an opportunity to delve into nuanced meanings. Remember, the tarot is about guidance not foretelling a rigid future.


What are sideways tarot cards?
Sideways tarot cards are not traditionally recognized positions but some readers choose to add it for increased depth during a reading.

How does card orientation impact tarots reading?
Each orientation – upright, reversed, or sideways – brings unique nuances to a tarot reading. It can alter or deepen the meaning of a card.

How can intuition help while reading sideways tarots?
Intuition plays a pivotal role in tarot reading, especially for sideways cards which often dwell in the realm of ambiguity requiring insightful interpretation.

What are some common symbols to look out while interpreting sideways tarots?
The answer varies as each reader has a unique intuitive framework. But typical symbols can include elements like water, fire, air along with animals, archetypal figures or scenes.


Mastering the art of reading sideways tarot cards requires dedication and practice. It involves honing your intuition, embracing ambiguity, and understanding the intricate web of symbols concealed within these enigmatic tools of spiritual guidance. Raised in harmony, these elements will undoubtedly lead you towards more insightful and meaningful tarot readings.

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