How to shuffle tarot cards with small hands?


Shuffling tarot cards has always served as an integral part of every tarot reading, and nearly every practitioner can attest to the significance it holds. However, when faced with the keyphrase, "how to shuffle tarot cards with small hands", an intriguing dilemma arises; one we aim to resolve in this comprehensive guide.

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Understanding the Tarot Card Shuffle Dilemma with Small Hands

The issue at hand (no pun intended) is straightforward: tarot cards are usually larger than regular playing cards, and for those with petite hands, shuffling can be a genuine challenge. But when viewed from a wider perspective, the problem isn’t so much about the physical act of shuffling. Instead, it circles around maintaining the spiritual and psychological integrity of the practice, even while battling through physical hurdles.

The Significance of Properly Shuffling Tarot Cards

Properly shuffling tarot cards is essential for a number of reasons. For one, it serves as a mental preparation phase that enables both the reader and the querent to focus their energies on the task ahead. This ritualistic practice has been known to unite the conscious thoughts with the subconscious psyche, leading to insightful readings. More practically though, shuffling ensures randomness in card selection, guaranteeing a fair reading without prejudice.

Exploring Alternatives to Traditional Shuffling Techniques

Overcoming this physical challenge means looking beyond traditional shuffling practices and exploring alternatives. Many of these alternatives, while different in approach, hold true to the core purpose of shuffling: mixing up the cards to ensure randomness and allow energy flow.

Identifying The Problem

Challenges Encountered by Those with Small Hands Shuffling Tarot Cards

Small-handed individuals often struggle with getting a firm grip on the deck, often dropping cards during shuffles. This not only disrupts the flow of energy and concentration during a reading but also inserts unintentional bias in the card selection process.

Impact of Improper Shuffling on Tarot Card Readings

Stressful shuffles can potentially throw off your mental focus and subtly affect your connection with your deck. It can lead to premature card jumping and vaguer readings, wherein the essence of the message might be missed.

Overcoming the Challenge

Unraveling Various Card Shuffling Methods

  • The Overhand Shuffle is a simple technique where one hand holds the deck while the other pulls chunks of cards from the top and drops them back onto either side. This method is ideal for small hands due to its simplicity.

  • The Hindu Shuffle involves holding the deck sideways and letting the cards fall into your other hand. This method is also conducive for those with small hands due to it not requiring a substantial grip on the cards.

  • Lastly, there’s the Riffle Shuffle, which, although challenging for smaller hands, can be adapted by dividing the deck into smaller stacks and riffling them together. It requires some practice but can eventually lead to very fluid, satisfying shuffles.

How to Choose the Best Tarot Card Shuffling Method

Experimenting with these methods will help you identify which technique feels most comfortable and natural to you. If a certain method feels forced or awkward, it’s likely not the best fit for your practice.

Tips and Techniques

Efficient Use of table surfaces in card shuffling

Using a flat surface like a table to assist with shuffling is a helpful workaround. You can spread out the cards, mix them around, and then gather them back up again. This is also known as ‘washing’ or ‘smudging’ the cards.

Other Helpful Tools and Accessories (Tarot Mats, Smaller Deck Choices)

In addition to technique adaptation, consider investing in smaller tarot decks specifically crafted for individuals with smaller hands. Other accessories like Tarot mats offer a structured area for card shuffling while also protecting your cards during the process.


Ultimately, mastering how to shuffle tarot cards with small hands is all about adapting traditional shuffles to suit your conditions. Each reader must remember that the strength of their readings is not determined by their manner of shuffling, but rather their connection to the cards.

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