I was gifted tarot cards now what?

# I was gifted tarot cards now what?

If the question "I was gifted tarot cards now what?" is going through your mind, trust that you are not alone. Many initial receivers of this mystic tool find themselves at a similar crossroads, wondering how to navigate this new journey. The world of tarot is vast, intriguing and full of intriguing lessons. 

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## Chapter 1: Introduction
### Understanding the Gift of Tarot Cards
Tarot cards are much more than a deck of 78 illustrated pieces. They are a medium that can provide insights into future events and pathways, answer innermost questions or guide your personal growth and spiritual journey. Each Tarot deck is bestowed with tales from the universe that get revealed layer by layer as you become more attuned to it.

### The Beginner's Dilemma since Receiving Tarot Cards
As a beginner, you might be oscillating between excitement and apprehensiveness. While it's intriguing to decipher codes of destiny, it can equally feel like stepping into unknown territory. Fear not, because every proficient tarot reader was once a novice. With time, patience, and practice, you'll build your own rapport with your deck.

## Chapter 2: Historical Significance of Tarot Cards
### Overarching History and Origin of Tarot Cards
Tarot cards have their roots planted deep in the soil of history, originating in the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe for simplistic games. The mystical association and usage for divination began around the 18th century. Over time, different styles and depictions have evolved, making tarot a rich tapestry interwoven with threads from various cultures.

### Role and Impact of Tarot Card Reading in Ancient Cultures 
In ancient cultures, tarot reading was not just a pastime but a profound method for understanding life's conundrums. It was used for spiritual guidance, decision making, introspective exploration and forecasting future events. Tarot held a vital place in old societies and traces can be found in the art, literature and folklore of the time.

## Chapter 3: Beginners' Guide to Learning about Tarot Cards 
### Basic Understanding and Interpretation of Major Arcana 
The Major Arcana is a set of 22 cards within the tarot deck that represent significant life events, phases, or core spiritual lessons. These are powerful cards that can guide you towards substantial change or growth. Start by learning the symbolism and significance of each card, from The Fool's innocent beginnings to The World's triumphant individual's journey.

### The Meaning and Importance of Minor Arcana 
The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards reflecting everyday affairs and experiences. Divided into four suits - cups, pentacles, wands, and swords - it devotes itself to our daily life and immediate reality. Each suit corresponds to a particular element and aspect of life, adding intricate details to a tarot reading.

### Learning About The Different Spreads in a Tarot Reading
Spreads are the arrangement of cards chosen in a tarot reading. Different spreads can answer different types of questions – from the simple three-card past-present-future spread to the thorough Celtic cross spread. As you explore more, you'll learn which spread you resonate with most for varying queries.

## Chapter 4: Conducting your First TAROT Reading
### Steps to Prepare For Your First Reading 
Your first tarot reading can feel daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Create a quiet, peaceful environment where you won't be disturbed. Center your energy, clear your mind and focus on the question you seek to answer. Shuffle your deck until you feel ready, then draw your chosen spread.

### Interpreting Your First Spread- A Walkthrough  
Start by observing the overall picture of your spread, noting the presence of Major or Minor Arcana cards and their distribution. Then, delve into individual card meanings in relation to their positions in the spread. Introspect how they might link to your question. Over time, trust your intuition as it develops with practice.

## Conclusion: Harnessing the Ongoing Journey With Your Gifted TAROT cards.
Tarot reading is an ongoing journey of self-discovery and intuitive growth. You learn more with each reading, develop a unique bond with your deck, and unravel layers of wisdom concealed within these cards. Remember, there's no rush or linear path to mastering this craft. Take your time enjoying this profound spiritual journey guided by your gifted tarot cards.

Q1:** What do I do if I'm unsure about my tarot card reading?
A1: It's normal to feel unsure initially. Start with learning basic card meanings and use reference guides if needed. Over time, trust your intuition while linking card meaning with your query context.

**Q2:** Is it normal to feel overwhelmed when starting with tarot cards?
A2: Absolutely! Learning tarot is not an overnight process and it's okay to feel overwhelmed. Remember, it's a journey more than a destination.

**Q3:** Can I perform my own tarot card reading?
A3: Certainly! In fact, many tarot readers recommend doing self-readings as a way of understanding oneself better and fostering a deeper connection with your deck.

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