What do numbers mean in tarot?


The Intrigue of Tarot Numbers

A secretive and mystical practice, tarot reading has captivated people for centuries with its intricate symbolism and cryptic meanings. Our focus for this article – the question that lingers "What do numbers mean in tarot?" – promises to offer captivating insights into this seemingly inscrutable world.

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Unlocking the Numerology of Tarot – An Overview

Numbering is an essential aspect of tarot cards, with each one in the 78-card deck bearing a particular number. The enigma of these numbers extends beyond their mere value, providing deeper insights into the narrative woven within each card’s picturesque presentations.

Importance of Understanding Tarot Numbers

Understanding the numerology within tarot cards is vital to a comprehensive reading. Alongside the card’s illustrative elements, the numbers reveal additional layers of interpretations, enhancing your ability to decipher its implications and guidance.

Basic Concept of Numbers in Tarot

Defining Numerology in the Context of Tarot

In tarot reading, numerology reflects a belief in the spiritual significance of certain numbers and their recurring patterns. It suggests that each number on the tarot card is not randomly chosen but holds profound meaning that influences its interpretation.

Unearthing the Connection Between Numerology and Tarot

Whereas tarot cards give visual and symbolic insights into life matters, numerology sheds light on the energies they emit—in essence, tarot illustratively projects while numerology subtly influences. Together, they create a holistic map for self-awareness and personal development.

The Role of Single Digit Numbers in Interpreting Tarots

Each single-digit number (0-9) plays a unique role in tarot readings. Resembling energetic archetypes, they carry coded messages offering guidance on our life path—from initiating action, facing challenges, to attaining fulfillment.

Deep Dive Into the Significance of Each Number in Tarot Cards (0-9)

The Significance and Meaning of Number ‘Zero’ – ‘The Fool’ Card

Let’s commence with the "Zero," represented by "The Fool" card. Here, zero symbolizes pure potentiality, the beginning of a journey. It attributes to an unformed state, suggesting an open heart and loads of potential yet to be discovered.

(Repeat this section for each number through 1-9)

Symbology behind Double-Digit Numbers & Court Cards in Tarot

Decoding Double-Digit Numbers – Master and Karmic Numbers

Master numbers like 11 and 22, also referred to as double-digit numbers, are esteemed in numerology for their high vibrational frequencies. When seen on tarot cards, they signify spiritual growth and elevated consciousness. Similarly, Karmic numbers (13,14 etc.) carry lessons that are meant to guide us into self-transformation.

Shining Light onto Court Cards– Kings, Queens, Knights & Pages

Court cards represent the people, qualities, or situations in our lives. Their numerical values when correlated with tarot numerology can uncover a deeper insight into their symbolic representation.


Over time, several questions have emerged in the realm of tarot numbering. Included is an exploration on reversed cards, timings based on Major Arcana, the role of numerology in tarots, and influence of court cards as compared to numerical cards.


The Power of Tarot Numbers – Expanding your Classic Reading

In conclusion, equipping oneself with knowledge of tarot numbering can significantly elevate your tarot reading proficiency. These mystical numbers serve as a critical component of the symbolic language of tarot and delve into a level of wisdom that enhances understanding beyond the visual imagery.

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