What does 8 of wands mean in tarot?


As one delves deeper into the mysterious world of tarot, the intricate symbolism and associations of each card hold profound significance. One such captivating card is the eight of wands. The query, "What does 8 of wands mean in tarot?" is a question often poised by those seeking to comprehend its embedded prophetic messages. Thus, exploring its profound implications is crucial not marginally for tarot enthusiasts, but also for seekers of spiritual guidance.

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Understanding the World of Tarot

Tarot, an ancient form of divination, uses a deck of cards to peer into the mysteries of life, provide guidance and predict future outcomes. This richly illustrated deck comprises 78 cards, segregate into the Major Arcana representing life’s karmic and spiritual lessons, and the Minor Arcana illustrating our daily trials and tribulations.

Recounting the History of Wands in Tarot

The suit of Wands, part of the Minor Arcana, has origins immersed in history. It relates to the element of fire and often signifies inspiration, energy, passion, and growth. Derived from chieftain’s staves from early history and symbolic of authority and power, Wands are heavily steeped with implications of initiative and ambition.

Introduction to The Suit of Wands in Tarot Cards

The Suit of Wands includes cards numbered from Ace (1) to ten, followed by four court cards. Each card has a unique interpretation but overall, it reflects creativeness, aspirations, hard work, and determination.

Deep Dive into the Meaning of Wands

General Significance and Symbolism of Wands

Wands symbolize fire, resolutely interlinked with ardor, enterprise, exuberance, and vibrancy. They stand as metaphors for our spirit’s primal energy guiding us unerringly toward growth and personal development.

Key Interpretations: What do Wand Cards Represent?

Whether it’s a spark of a new idea, the thrust of initiation, or the realization of personal goals, wand cards speak of progress and development. They herald times of innovation, originality, and inventiveness while also cautioning against haste and impulsivity.

Detailed Analysis and Interpretation: The Eighth Card

Visual Elements in The Eight of Wands Card

Graphically, the Eight of Wands card depicts eight staves soaring through the air at high speed. This visual underlines a sense of rapid movement or change, an air of resolution after contemplation, urging immediate action or decision.

Unveiling the Meanings: Upright Eight of Wands

Drawing an upright Eight of Wands signifies a time of swift activity or fast-paced change. It suggests progression, momentum, and the approaching resolution to ongoing issues. An upright card may also signify air travel.

Decoding a Reverse Eight of Wands Card

Conversely, a reversed Eight of Wands implies hurdles or delays. It’s an indication to slow down, rethink your actions or decisions before leaping forth and caution against hasty decisions or ill-considered actions.

Practical Perspectives: Usage & Relevance

Implementing the "Eight Of Wand" Message into Daily Life

Every tarot card’s message offers insight into our lives. The Eight of Wand’s swiftly moving energy advises embracing rapid changes with poise and confidence. It prompts us to act decisively but prudently and take the leap when opportunities arise.

Role-play Scenario: Reading an Upright and Reversed "Eight Of Wand"

In a reading scenario, drawing an upright Eight of Wands might signify an imminent job promotion due to your proactive approach. Conversely, if reversed, it could imply possible setbacks —a call to patience and careful navigation moving forward.

Putting it All Together: Summary & Conclusion

When encountered during a tarot reading, the Eight of Wands heralds swift changes, fast-paced actions, reaching goals, and often acts as a beacon of hope. Whether upright or reversed, understanding this card pushes us towards personal development and self-growth, encouraging us to harness its energy productively.


  1. What does it mean when you draw the eight of wands?

Drawing the eight of wands implies imminent speedy change, rapid decision-making, and reaching goals. It signifies movement and progress in various aspects of life.

  1. How should I interpret an upright eight of wands versus a reversed one?

An upright eight of wands signifies swift actions, dramatic changes and goal completion, whereas a reversed one speaks of delays, rethinking decisions and potential obstacles.

  1. What do wands symbolize in tarot cards?

Wands represent the fire element in tarot and symbolize passion, initiative, ambition, proliferation and personal growth.

  1. How does the eight of wands relate to other cards in a reading?

The Eight of Wands card relates to other cards by influencing the pace, energy and direction of the reading. It can hasten or slow events based on its position and orientation.

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