What is aquarius tarot card?

Introduction to Aquarius Tarot Card

The Aquarius tarot card is deeply steeped in intrigue and mystic symbolism, providing a unique representation of the astrological sign Aquarius. The question, "What is Aquarius tarot card?" goes beyond a quick definition—it draws us into a world of divine interpolation and celestial guidance.

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Brief Overview of Aquarius Tarot Card

The Aquarius tarot card belongs to the Major Arcana—key cards in a tarot deck that signify deep spiritual and life-changing implications. Reflecting the progressive and intellectual persona of the Aquarius, this card often appears when there is a need for independent thought, self-expression, or the pursuit of freedom.

Connection of Aquarius to Astrology

Astrologically speaking, those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius are known for their progressive mentality, undying curiosity, and magnetic charisma. The Aquarius tarot card encapsulates these traits and mirrors the Aquarian’s quest for knowledge, providing guidance on intellectual growth and enlightenment.

How Tarot Cards Work

Tarot cards are a medium for divination. They work on the principle of synchronicity, where your thoughts and the universe conspire to show you a pattern in the form of cards. Comprehending these patterns, or ‘readings,’ requires an understanding of each card’s symbolism, which can vary depending on its relative position in a spread.

Detailed Description of the Aquarius Tarot Card

To fully grasp "What is Aquarius tarot card?", one needs to examine the intricate symbolism and imagery present on the card.

Understanding the Symbolism in the Aquarius Tarot Card

Also known as the Star in traditional tarot decks, the Aquarius tarot card is teeming with symmetrical imagery and metaphysical significance. The figure depicted on this card carries two jars, one representing the subconscious mind and the other symbolizing the conscious mind, thus hinting at the Aquarian’s intellectual dominance and spiritual potentiality.

Exploring the Iconography and Imagery on the Card

The imagery in the Aquarius tarot card illustrates a naked woman kneeling by a water source, pouring water onto the land and into a lake, nestled under a sky full of stars. This dual act of pouring water signifies balance, harmony, as well as the cycle of constant change—key characteristics linked to this Air sign’s personality.

Meaning of a Reverse and Upright Aquarius Tarot Card

In an upright position, the Aquarius tarot card signifies hope, inspiration, and truth. A reversed Aquarius tarot card, meanwhile, suggests that you may be feeling detached from reality or are caught in a state of despair or lack of faith.

The Significance and Influence of The Aquarius Tarot Card in a Reading

The appearance of the Aquarius card in a tarot spread carries a unique influence and interpretation, depending on its positioning.

Role Played by an Aquarius Tarot in a Spread

Whether the Aquarius tarot card appears in a love reading or career trajectory spread, it often signals new insights, progress, or realized dreams. As an influence card, it encourages liberation from old patterns and embracing change with open arms.

Effects when the Aquarius Tarot Shows Up in Different Positions

In past, present, or future positions within a spread, the Aquarius tarot can provide hindsight on past learning, clarity on current predicaments, or foresight for forthcoming opportunities. Its appearance motivates personal transformation through its correlation with intellectual exploration and self-discovery.

Understanding Relationship, Career & Health Readings Linked with Aquarius Tarot

In relationship readings, the Aquarius tarot card points towards understanding one’s emotional life better or forming deeper connections. With regard to career and health readings, this card’s presence could mean progress and holistic healing, respectively.

Case Studies and Real-world Scenarios

Tarot readings are highly personal, but the following narratives present a closer look at how the Aquarius tarot card influences actual readings.

Narration of Cases where The Aquarius Card Influenced Readings

In one scenario, a person seeking career guidance drew the Aquarius card in their future position. This was interpreted as the need for continued learning and the pursuit of knowledge—a sign to break free from monotony and explore innovative pursuits.


Q: What is the primary symbol associated with the Aquarius Tarot Card?

A: The primary symbol associated with the Aquarius Tarot Card is the ‘Water Bearer,’ reflective of the card’s astrological namesake.

Q: When dealing with love matters, what does an upright or reversed Aquarius card mean?

A: In love readings, an upright Aquarius card suggests a time of blissful connections and mutual understanding. A reversed card, on the other hand, may hint at emotional detachment or fear of commitment.

Q: What are some common misconceptions about the star sign Aquarius and its corresponding tarot card?

A: A common misconception about Aquarians and their tarot card representation is that they are airheads or emotionally distant. However, they are usually quite intellectual and deeply emotional.

Q: How often does a spread include astrological signs like Aquarius?

A: There’s no hard-and-fast rule regarding this. The appearance of astrological signs like Aquarius in a spread is purely synchronistic and depends on the question asked or the current life phase of the seeker.


In conclusion, understanding "What is Aquarius tarot card?" requires diving deep into its unique symbolism, astrological alignment, and influence in a tarot reading. Once apprehended, its insights can illuminate the path of self-discovery and intellectual growth for any individual seeking guidance.

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