What is cross watching in tarot?

Chapter 1: Understanding the Basics of Tarot

Within circles of divination and symbolism, the method of tarot stands out as a popular method that reveals the unseen and provides guidance. Each card carries its distinct meaning, and understanding this is key to a successful reading.

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The Origin and History of Tarot

The fascinating history of tarot starts back in the 15th century, initially designed for playing a game, Tarocchi. With mystics optimizing the use of tarot for divination by the 18th century, it became associated with esoteric wisdom, kabbalah, and even astrology.

Different Structures in a Tarot Deck

A standard tarot deck is comprised of 78 cards divided into major and minor arcana. The major arcana cards represent life’s spiritual and karmic lessons, while minor arcana cards reflect day-to-day life situations.

An Introduction to Cross-Watching in Tarot

"Cross-watching" in tarot refers to the act of interpreting the meanings of cards which represent people other than the questioner. Recognizing the symbolism and correlation among the cards may reveal insights about relationships, dynamics, or energies involving other individuals.

The Significance of Positioning in a Tarot Reading

In a tarot spread, positioning has immense importance. Each spot signifies a unique aspect of the question asked, and the card in that position should be interpreted with reference to that meaning. This process becomes more complex yet insightful when one undertakes cross-watching.

Chapter 2: Diving into Cross-Watching

In-Depth Explanation on What Cross-Watching is

Cross-watching is an advanced tarot reading technique that involves reading cards for other parties involved in the situation besides just the questioner. It can reveal intricate dynamics and influences within personal relationships or situations.

Importance of Cross-Watching in a Tarot Reading

Cross-watching enhances the depth and perspective of a reading, offering a broader understanding of the energies at play. It helps unravel the roles, feelings, and intentions of others involved, which can be valuable information for the questioner.

Types of Reading Where Cross-Watching Is Commonly Used

Cross-watching is likely employed in relationship readings, business partnerships, family dynamics, legal situations, and any reading involving various parties. It is especially beneficial when there are significant interactions and exchanges between multiple players in the questioner’s situation.

Concerns and Criticism About Using Cross Watching

While cross-watching can offer further perspective, critics argue that focusing on other people’s behaviors or emotions could distract from personal growth and self-understanding. Equally, potential misconceptions based on card interpretations may harm interpersonal relations.

Chapter 3: Executing A Cross-Watch Reading

Preparation Steps Before a Cross Watch Involving Layout and the Questioner’s Mindset

To conduct a cross-watch reading, both the tarot reader and the questioner must be open to receiving information concerning other individuals. The reader should prepare a layout explicitly designed for cross-watching that corresponds with the parties involved and their roles in the matter.

Strategies in Interpreting Cards In Different Positions

Comprehending how to interpret each card in its assigned position is crucial for a successful cross-watch reading. As positions signify different aspects such as thoughts, behavior, or outcomes, each card in its specific position may reveal various facets about each party.

Practical Tips and Guidelines For The Reader During A Cross-Watch

The reader should perform the reading with an understanding of confidentiality and neutrality. They should interpret cards objectively, keep personal biases aside, and focus on providing clarity to the questioner without inducing any emotional distress.

Case Study: Exemplifying a successful use of cross Watch

The application of cross-watch in real-life scenarios enhances understanding. Suppose a case where a love triangle surfaced. In a cross-watch reading, the reader correctly identified the third party and provided insights about mitigating the situation, proving invaluable to the questioner.

Chapter 4: Beyond the Basics – Advanced Practices

Implication Of Reverse Cards in A Cross-Watch Reading

Reversed cards in a cross-watch reading can suggest an underlying, subdued, or opposing energy from the upright meaning of that card. The interpretation will still depend upon its position and the perspective from which the card is read.

Integration Of Numerology or Astrology with Cross-Watching

Incorporating numerology or astrology intensifies the intuitive understanding obtained from cross-watching. Numerology aligns card numbers to life paths, while astrology assigns celestial bodies’ traits and movements to tarot cards.

Addressing Existing Debates: Ethics And Validity Of Cross Watching

Critics question the ethics of intruding into others’ energies without their consent, and some doubt if it provides accurate readings. Despite these concerns, cross-watching for guidance rather than judgement can enable better understanding.

FAQs Section

Q: How Does The Card’s Meaning Change With Different Positions?
When placed in different positions, a card’s meaning changes according to what that particular position represents in the spread layout.

Q: Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Astrological Signs In A Reading?
Using astrological signs in reading may offer nuanced understandings of individual personalities and situations. The downside is it might make interpretation more complex and potentially misleading for those not well-versed in astrology.

Q: How Can One Connect With Their intuition During The Reading?
One can enhance intuition by practicing meditation, staying open-minded during readings, recording and reflecting on their impressions, and regularly interacting with the tarot deck.


"Cross-watching", while providing potentially deeper insight into complex dynamics, requires careful handling. It’s a practice that extends beyond merely gleaning surface meanings from tarot cards. It uncovers the subtle influences, energies, and interactions that can serve to provide invaluable wisdom and guidance.

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