What is he feeling tarot?

Chapter 1: Introduction to Tarot and Emotions

Deep within the folds of the spiritual realm exists a powerful tool of self-discovery and intuition, the Tarot. Residing in these mystical cards lies the potential for immense insight, especially about human emotions. The tarot universe overflows with numerous spreads and readings, each catering to a particular area of human existence. One of these such spreads is the intensely curious "What is he feeling tarot?" a confluence of introspective tarot pages and emotional spectrum.

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1.1 Understanding the World of Tarot

A deck of Tarot cards is a lot more than mere symbols inscribed on pieces of cardboard. It forms a bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind and channels information from the universe to assist you in making life decisions. Each card presents an image or a symbol which carries a profound meaning, holding significant relevance to your life situations and queries.

1.2 How Tarot Relates to Human Emotions

Tarot transcends beyond the physical reality and dives into the realm of emotions. The pictorial representation on each card reflects different aspects of life, including emotions that people may encounter at various stages. Certain cards carry emotional symbolism signifying things like joy, love, sorrow, or fear.

1.3 Significance of "What is he feeling" in Tarot Reading

From the myriad Tarot spreads available, the "What is he feeling" spread settles its focus on unraveling perceived emotions or sentiments of others. Designed to provide insight into emotions harbored by someone else towards you, this spread can resolve many dilemmas formed by unsaid feelings and unexpressed sentiments.

Chapter 2: The Basics of ‘What is He Feeling’ Tarot Spread

2.1 What Does ‘What is He Feeling’ Spread Mean

The ‘What is he feeling’ spread delves into the emotional state of a person of interest. The readings derived from this spread reveal the deepest and most hidden feelings one might hide, rendering a clearer picture of the scenario at hand.

2.2 When to Use The ‘What is He Feeling’ Spread

This particular spread comes in handy when you are in a complex, emotionally charged situation with another individual. It might be a friendship, a romantic relationship, or even a quarrel. In situations where words fail to express, tarot cards can guide you to explore concealed emotions.

2.3 Ingredients of a Successful ‘What is he feeling’ Reading

For an effective ‘What is he feeling’ tarot reading, three elements play vital roles: the right set of questions, an open mind receptive to all possible answers, and accurate interpretations of the cards. A high level of intuition is also required to decipher the messages that the cards convey.

Chapter 3: Unveiling Personality Traits with ‘What is He Feeling’ Spread

3.1 Importance of Knowing Personality Traits in Relation to ‘What Is he Feeling’ Reading

Adding another layer to the emotional understanding is the need to comprehend personality traits through Tarot. The connection between someone’s temperament and their feelings towards you adds depth to your understanding and enriches the spread analysis.

3.2 Common Cards that Signify Different Personalities

A diverse set of personality traits can be chalked out from different tarot cards. The authoritative Emperor card signifies a dominant personality, while the nurturing Empress card denotes an empathetic nature. Similarly, each card opens a window into different characters and attributes.

Chapter 4: Deciphering the Meanings of Various Cards in ‘What Is He Feeling’ Readings

4.1 Importance of Each Card’s Position in the Spread

Every card holds unique significance based on its placement within the spread. The way cards interact spatially can enhance or modify the overall reading, making understanding card positions crucial to accurate tarot reading.

4.2 Understanding Major Arcana Cards – An Insight Into Deep Feelings

Major Arcana cards speak volumes about profound emotions and life-changing events. These cards, when appearing in a ‘What is he feeling’ tarot reading, bespeak deep emotional currents that cut through surface-level sentiments and reach into depths of feelings.

4.3 Reading Minor Arcana Cards – The Everyday Feelings

Contrarily, the Minor Arcana cards touch upon everyday feelings and mundane activities. These cards often predict what someone feels about you in day-to-day life, offering insights into more accessible emotional states.

Chapter 5: Case Studies – Gaining Insight into Real-life Readings

Studying real-life instances of ‘What is he feeling’ tarot readings can help fortify theoretical understanding with practical application. Case studies offer insights into interpreting a spread correctly and understanding the narrative behind each card.


Q: What does the "what is he feeling" tarot spread signify?
A: The "what is he feeling" tarot spread offers insights into another person’s emotional state and their feelings towards you, aiding in understanding complex emotional dynamics.

Q: When should I use the "what is he feeling" tarot reading?
A: This spread is beneficial when dealing with emotionally complex situations with another person where clear verbal communication is not possible.

Q: Can a tarot reading reveal an individual’s emotional state truly?
A: An accurate tarot reading can indeed provide insightful details about an individual’s emotions; however, it should also be complemented with direct communication for comprehensive understanding.


The ‘What is he feeling’ tarot spread stands as a beacon of light illuminating the opaque world of human emotions. With its astute focus on revealing hidden sentiments, this spread proves indispensable in navigating the intricate maze of human relationships. By gaining a grasp on the world of Tarot and the mysteries it beholds, one can better understand not only their emotions but those of others as well.

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