What is libras tarot card?


Tarot cards have always been a fascinating medium of predictions, wisdom, and guidance. In learning to interpret these mystical cards, you may likely come across a question – What is Libra’s tarot card? As we delve deeper into understanding this connection, it’s crucial first to understand the individual components that create the synergy.

What is libras tarot card?Image by Kayla Maurais. Source: Unsplash.

An Introduction to Tarot Cards

Tarot cards originated in mid-15th century Europe largely as playing cards. But, over time, these cards embodied a more spiritual and esoteric role. Today, Tarot decks serve as a tool for insight and reflections, providing meaning through symbolism that can guide one’s journey through life. Comprising 78 cards in total, divided into Major and Minor Arcana, each tarot card carries profound wisdom within them.

The Relation Between Astrology and Tarot Cards

Astrology is another mysterious realm that has appealed to mankind’s curiosity for eons. The clockwork of celestial bodies has given birth to 12 zodiac signs, each with unique traits, symbols and elemental attributes. Though distinct, tarot and astrology weave an intricate connection, enriching each other’s meanings and interpretations. For instance – zodiac signs are often associated with specific tarot cards. This marriage provides unprecedented depth to otherwise standalone interpretations both in tarot readings and astrology.

Overview of Libras in Astrology

Born between September 23rd and October 23rd, Libras are ones who value balance. Ruled by Venus and represented by the Scales of Justice, they seek harmony and fairness in all aspects of life. Librans are air elements, associated with intellectuality and sociability. Charming and diplomatic, they can also be indecisive at times owing to their ever-persistent quest for equilibrium.

The Relevance of Libra’s Scale

Meaning of Scale in Libra’s Symbolism

The Scale, as Libra’s symbol, plays a prominent role in understanding the essence of this zodiac sign. Scales represent balance, impartiality, and fairness – all principal characteristics that a true Libran embodies. Just as a scale weighs different sides to bring equanimity, Librans are known to balance their decision-making process, weighing pros and cons meticulously.

How Scales Influence Reading for a Libran

In tarot readings for a Libran, considering the significance of Scales can provide enhanced insight. It can highlight potential areas that might need balance or indicate a need for a balanced perspective. Similarly, the inherent values reflected by scales – fairness, justice and equilibrium – can also provide clues to underlying themes in the reading.

Exploring Libra’s Tarot Card

The Justice Card – A Representation for Libras

Upon answering the question "What is Libra’s tarot card?", we find the Justice card. The embodiment of balance and fairness, it should come as no surprise that it aligns with Libras. In traditional tarot decks, Justice is card XI of the Major Arcana and is often depicted holding a scale. The linking of Libra and the Justice card serves as an unparalleled analogy for interpreting its possible implications.

Interpreting Justice Card inReadings

A raw beginner must understand both upright and inverted orientations when interpreting the Justice card. Upright position signifies justice, truth, integrity; while an inverted stance indicates dishonesty or lack of accountability. These interpretations can provide insight into various spheres of life from personal growth and relationships to career trajectories.

Tips Before Consulting a Tarot Reading

Preparing for Personalized Readings

Before consulting a tarot reading or embarking on self-reading, mental preparation is crucial. Approach the session with an open mind, allowing space for insights that may not align with preconceived notions. Remember, tarot cards often operate on symbolic planes and may provide unexpected pointers.


Through the course of this article, we have journeyed into the realms of astrology and tarot linking Libras with the Justice card. Understanding these connections can provide fascinating insights for those under the Libra sign or those interpreting them in their tarot readings. Such knowledge empowers you to look beyond the obvious and delve deeper into the mystic world of growth and self-realization. So continue to explore, learn, and evolve – for both astrology and tarot have immense wisdom to offer.

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