What is the tarot card for libra?

What is the Tarot Card for Libra?

Tarot, an intriguing 78-card deck, has indisputably captivated souls through generations with its profound ability to delve into human intellect, emotions, future prospects and celestial associations. When it comes to asking ‘What is the tarot card for Libra?’, the answer is intrinsically woven into the celestial tapestry of astrology and tarot symbology–it is the Justice Tarot Card. The fascinating interplay between astrology and tarot forms the rudiment of each tarot card’s enigmatic persona, often reflecting the key traits of its corresponding zodiac sign, just like Libra— the articulate, fair-minded scales holder reflects its identity in the Justice card.

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Chapter 1. Introduction

Understanding the Essence of Tarot Cards

Tarot cards serve as reflective mirrors to our consciousness, unfolding our deepest aspirations, fears and strengths. They are not about foretelling an immutable future; rather they gift us the power of informed choice. The cards encourage us to tap into our instinctive knowledge and illuminate our life’s path with insightful understanding.

The Connection Between Astrology and Tarot: An Overview

In the grand scheme of esoteric lore, astrology and tarot share a cosmic relationship. Astrology provides a celestial viewpoint of our psyche and life cycles while tarot paints a humanistic image of those celestial implications, creating an insightful narrative that helps us understand our aspirations, struggles and potential outcomes.

Libra in Astrology: A Quick Glimpse

People born under Libra (September 24 – October 23), are known for their intellectual acuity, diplomacy and neutrality. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, they seek harmony in relationships. The cardinal air sign makes them naturally inclined to initiate communication and discussions.

Chapter 2. The Heart of Libra in Tarot Cards

Representation of Libra Through the Justice Tarot Card

The Justice card corresponds to Libra in the celestial zodiac – and for good reasons. Justice, like Libra, represents balance, fairness, and objectivity. It symbolizes the eternal truth that every cause has its effect and urges for truthful actions.

Decoding the Symbolism of Justice Tarot Card for Libra

The Justice card design prominently features a sword in one hand, scales in another, and a crown placed on its head. This mirrors Libra’s attributes: The sword reflects their intellectual acuity; the scales echo their need for equilibrium and fairness; while the crown signifies their cardinal quality of initiating actions.

How Libran Traits are Reflected in the Justice Card

Justice card’s essence resonates with a Libran’s innate desire for balance and justice in all situations. It’s the embodiment of Moral law: a principle that aligns with a Libran’s natural tendency to ensure fair-play and impartiality.

Chapter 3: Using the Justice Tarot Card in Readings for a Libra

Guidance for Love and Relationships

When Justice appears in readings for a Libra, it signifies that balance, communication, and fairness will shape their romantic relationships. It may act as a reminder to treat their partner equally and maintain relationship equilibrium.

Projections for Career and Finance

As for career and finance, Justice card might suggest fair rewards based on past actions. It might denote job promotions due to fairness at work or financial balance resulting from sound budgeting.

Side-note: It’s crucial to understand that career-related predictions can vary according to different decks used during readings.

Chapter 4: Debunking Common Misconceptions about Justice, The Libra’s Tarot Card

Contrary to common misconceptions that associate the Justice card solely with legal matters or harsh consequences, it primarily denotes the law of causality. A case study shows a situation where a Libra, represented by a Justice card, found success by maintaining equilibrium between her creative aspirations and financial security.


  • Why is Justice considered as tarot card for Libra?
    Justice is considered the tarot card for Libra because it mirrors Libra’s innate qualities such as fairness, balance, and objectivity.

  • How do astrological traits affect tarot card representation, especially for a Libra?
    Astrological traits define the intrinsic characteristics of a zodiac sign which are reflected in their respective tarot cards. In case of Libra, its diplomatic and peace-loving nature is embodied in the Justice card.

  • Can non-Librans also identify with the traits of justice tarot card?
    Yes, non-Librans can also resonate with the Justice card during their readings. It depends on the individual’s life situation and not solely on their sun sign.

  • What’s unique about using tarot cards like justice for readings?
    Using tarot cards such as Justice in readings gives unique insights into a person’s need for balance, fairness, and equilibrium in life situations. It symbolizes cause and effect and prompts accountability for actions.

Conclusion: Reflections on Understanding and Embracing the Power of Your Zodiac’s Associated Tarot – The Experience of a Libran

To understand and embrace the power of your zodiac’s associated tarot is to embark on a voyage of self-awareness. For a Libran, acknowledging the resonance with the Justice card can pave a path to honing their natural predispositions towards balance and fairness. It’s not just about foretelling, but unraveling who we are at our core.

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