What number is the moon tarot?

Understanding the Moon Tarot Card

The exploration of Tarot and its profound mysteries often leads to fascinating revelations. One intriguing query that has captivated both novices and experienced Tarot enthusiasts is, "What number is the Moon tarot?" This question stems from the importance of numbers in Tarot readings. The answer, while seemingly simple, unveils a realm of symbolism and deep-rooted meanings.

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The Moon Tarot: A Mystical Recall

The Moon tarot card, showcasing a mystical celestial body, conjures images of the subconscious, dreams, and intuition. Its captivating allure draws seekers into the depths of the psychic realm, guiding them towards self-reflection and introspection.

Broad Aspects of Tarot Cards

Every aspect of a tarot card conveys a message – from the symbolism evident in the artwork to the element of color, and importantly, its number. Numbers introduce a novel layer of meaning to each card and can play a pivotal role in interpreting a reading accurately.

Decoding the Symbolism: The Number of Moon Tarot Card

Recognizing the Moon Tarot Number

The Moon Tarot falls under the Major Arcana cards and is allocated the number 18. The knowledge of this number is integral to understanding the essence of this card as each value in Tarot holds specific symbolic implications.

Significance of Numbers in Tarot Reading

In Tarot, every number carries underlying associations with universal principles or archetypal energies. The numerical value attached to a card provides additional context about its meaning and message. Therefore, understanding the symbolic undertones of numbers can enhance one’s ability to interpret Tarot effectively.

Unearthing Mysteries: Deeper Exploration into The Moon Tarot Card

Representations and Symbolism Associated with The Moon Tarot Card

The Moon tarot card weaves a complex tapestry of symbology. It represents illusion, fear, anxiety, and unlocking the secrets of the subconscious. On a deeper level, the number 18 resonates with the energies of introspection, and spiritual growth – a theme already predominantly reflected in The Moon card’s imagery.

Relevance of Number in Relation to The Moon Tarot Card’s Meaning

The Moon card’s number, 18, can be reduced to the single digit 9 (1+8) in numerology, symbolizing wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. This connection deepens the card’s narrative about journeying into the unconscious to seek wisdom and clarity.

Interpreting The Moon Tarot Card: In-Depth Analysis

How to Understand a Moon Tarot Reading

Comprehending a Moon tarot reading involves acknowledging the coexistence of reality and illusion. Recognizing that the card’s number reinforces the essence of confronting veiled fears and embracing spiritual transformation solidifies its understanding.

Manifestation of Moon’s Number in Readings

In readings, the manifestation of the Moon tarot’s number emphasizes introspection and enlightenment. It signals a call to delve beneath the surface, to explore what’s hidden, and emerge with newfound wisdom. This undercurrent significantly impacts any interpretation where this enigmatic card appears.


  1. Question: What does the number on a tarot card signify?
    Answer: Every number in Tarot is loaded with symbolism and significance. It communicates specific themes or principles adding another dimension of understanding to a Tarot reading.

  2. Question: What is special about the Moon Tarot?
    Answer: The Moon Tarot, numbered 18, is revered for its profound symbolism encompassing intuition, dreams, fear, and the subconscious realm making it unique and captivating.

  3. Question: How to interpret a Tarot card based on its number?
    Answer: To interpret a Tarot card based on its number, it is crucial to understand the meanings associated with that number in the context of numerology and the themes of the Tarot deck.

Closing Thoughts: Sharing Final Insights On The Mysteries Of The Moon Tarot

The enigmatic Moon tarot, with its associated number 18, offers a myriad of unparalleled interpretations rich in inner exploration and spiritual wisdom. Until the next reading, may the moonlight guide your path towards greater introspective insights and understanding.

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