What tarot card means pregnancy?

What Tarot Card Means Pregnancy? A Comprehensive Guide

The mysterious and alluring world of tarot readings holds prophecies for all aspects of life, wrapped inside the intricate symbolism of each card. When exploring the keyphrase "What tarot card means pregnancy?", we uncover a fascinating spectrum of cards that have been historically linked to fertility, childbirth, family, and new beginnings. These cards from both the major and the minor arcana are perceived as emblems of conception and life’s cycles, captivating generations of seekers and tarot enthusiasts.

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Chapter 1. Introduction

Understanding Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a collection of 78 symbolic illustrations divided between Major Arcana (22 cards) and Minor Arcana (56 cards). They’ve been widely used for centuries as tools for divination, introspection, meditation, and self-growth. Each card bears a unique depiction that unfolds a myriad of interpretations depending on its context in a spread.

Historical Significance of Tarot in Predicting Pregnancy

Historically, tarot has been a guide to the subconscious, revealing hidden truths and insights about life’s many facets, including pregnancy predictions. Several tarot cards symbolize fertility, maternal love, new beginnings, and family bonds – elements that are strongly associated with pregnancy.

The Role of Intuition in Reading Tarot

Intuition plays a pivotal role in reading tarot cards. Readers use their intuitive prowess to connect with the querent’s energy and provide insightful interpretations. While certain cards are traditionally linked to pregnancy, an experienced reader will consider all the cards’ nuances and their disposition in a spread to give an accurate reading.

Chapter 2. The Major Arcana And Pregnancy

The Empress: Life, Fertility, and Motherhood

The Empress is the epitome of motherhood, femininity, and abundance – attributes synonymous with pregnancy. Representing nurturing and fertility, The Empress card in a reading often signifies successful conception, the growth of a child, or even metaphorical birth such as new ideas or projects.

The Sun: Joy, Renewal, and New Beginnings

The Sun radiates positivity, vitality, and enlightenment. Its appearance in a tarot reading can signify a ray of hope, bright prospects, and new beginnings that are often linked to the joy of pregnancy or welcoming a newborn into the world.

Three of Cups: Celebration and Community

The celebration of life and communal joy encapsulates the essence of the Three of Cups. It symbolizes harmonious relationships, coming together and rejoicing in accomplishments – feelings that are often associated with the anticipation of a new addition to the family.

Chapter 3. The Minor Arcana’s Connection to Pregnancy

Page or Queen of Cups: Emotional Fulfillment and the Presence of Children

The Page or Queen of Cups embodies emotions, intuitiveness, and nurturing aspects. In a tarot reading regarding potential pregnancy, these cards could suggest the presence of children or emotional fulfillment derived from maternal endeavours.

Ace of Wands: Creation and New Life

The Ace of Wands represents creation, enthusiasm, and initiative. As the archetype for all beginnings, it highlights the potential for new life or ventures, making it a significant card when inquiring about pregnancy.

Ten of Pentacles or Coins: Family Legacy and Completion

The Ten of Pentacles or Coins is akin to fullness, fulfillment, family legacy, and completion. This card’s appearance during a tarot pregnancy reading signifies a prosperous familial environment which might indicate welcoming a newborn.

Chapter 4. Other Indications in a Reading for Pregnancy

Combination Cards Predicting Pregnancy

While certain cards are emblematic of pregnancy on their own, some card combinations strengthen this symbolism further. For instance pairing The Empress with the Ace of Cups or the Page of Wands may provide a powerful suggestion of impending motherhood.

Symbolism beyond the Card Deck (Presence of Animals, etc.)

Symbolic cues can extend beyond the cards themselves. The presence of animals like rabbits (symbolizing fertility) or elements associated with fertility (such as lush gardens or bodies of water) in the illustrations may also hint towards pregnancy.


  • Q: Can Tarot cards genuinely predict pregnancies?
    A: Tarot readings offer insights and prophecies but should not replace medical advice or tests. They are tools for reflection and introspection and should be seen in that light.

  • Q: How accurate is a pregnancy prediction from tarot readings?
    A: The accuracy varies based on different factors like the reader’s skill, the querent’s energy, and interpretation of the cards. It’s essential to approach tarot readings with an open mind and heart.

  • Q: Do all decks have similar meanings for the cards related to pregnancy?
    A: The general symbolism stays mostly consistent across different tarot decks, but the illustration’s specific elements may vary, bringing nuances to the reading.

  • Q: What other life events can tarot cards predict?
    A: Tarot cards can offer insights about various life facets, including relationships, health, career prospects, spiritual growth, major life changes and more.


In conclusion, there is no single ‘pregnancy card’ in tarot. Instead, several cards from both major and minor arcana embody aspects related to pregnancy, such as new beginnings, fertility, and family bonds. The skilled interpretation of these cards in a spread, along with the reader’s intuition, aids in predicting pregnancy through tarot readings. From The Empress card reflecting motherhood, fertility to the Ace of Wands symbolizing new life – each tarot card unveils a unique narrative. Remember, Tarot is a tool for guidance, introspection, and fostering self-understanding above all. "What tarot card means pregnancy?" might have multiple answers, but the beauty of tarot lies within the richness of these interpretations.

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