What to do when you get a new tarot deck?

Embracing the Magic: Initial Steps after Acquiring a New Tarot Deck

Entering the mystical world of tarot can be both exciting and slightly overwhelming. You have your new deck in hand, you’re eager to unlock its potential, but then you find yourself asking "What to do when you get a new tarot deck?". This article lays out clear steps to guide you from the very moment of unwrapping your first or next tarot deck to becoming a skillful reader.

What to do when you get a new tarot deck?Image by Robert Bye. Source: Unsplash.

Unveiling the Energy: Understanding Your New Tarot Deck

A tarot deck links the seen realm with the unseen, communicating through imagery and symbology. Each deck carries its unique energy and understanding its nuances is pivotal. Thus, spend time to admire its artistry, feel its texture and weight, experience its energy. As your bond grows with your deck, you’ll discover it teaching you about itself, unwrapping layers of insight beneath its visuals.

The Tradition of Tarot Decks: A Brief History

Tracing back to the 15th century, tarot was primarily used for recreational purposes in Europe. It wasn’t until the late 18th century that tarot began its spiritual journey, becoming a vessel for esoteric knowledge. Knowing the history of tarot allows you to appreciate its metamorphosis over centuries and the wisdom it carries.

Recognizing Energies: Importance of Cleansing a New Tarot Deck

Over time and through handling, tarot decks gather energies which can muddle readings. Therefore, cleansing your deck is vital. Popular methods include smudging with sage or palo santo or placing it under moonlight gently restoring its natural energy. Consecrating a new tarot deck signifies stepping out of mundane space and into sacred ritual space.

Creating A Bond: How to Connect With Your New Tarot Deck

To form an energetic connection with your new deck, hold it in your hands, shuffle, and meditate with it. Some people also synchronize their deck by sorting the card into Major and Minor Arcanas. This process familiarizes yourself with each card’s imagery and enhances the intuitive interpretations during a reading session.

Pro Tips for Storing Your Tarot Deck Securely

Securing your tarot deck from external energies is crucial. Some readers recommend storing it in a special box or wrapping in a cloth native to the deck’s theme. The place should be personal and peaceful, safeguarding the deck’s physical and energetic integrity.

Understanding The Major Arcana in a New Light

The Major Arcana represents profound life changes and spiritual evolution. Each card symbolizes significant milestones along life’s journey offering transformative insights. Meditating on these cards can unlock profound personal revelations.

Navigating Through Minor Arcana Like a Pro

The Minor Arcana accounts for everyday experiences, emotions, and activities. These cards reflect the trials, tribulations, joys, and reflections within one’s journey. As you get familiar with your new deck, you’ll start to recognize patterns in these cards, revealing the subtle influences at play in your day-to-day life.

Decoding Court Cards and Their Meanings

Court cards represent individuals or aspects of one’s personality. They can highlight specific character traits, tendencies, or people influencing your current situation. Understanding these cards is key to adding depth to your readings and connecting more intimately with your inner circle.

Picking Up Patterns and Syncs – The Key to Unlocking Answers

As you become more proficient with your tarot deck, you’ll start noticing patterns and synchronicities between the cards drawn in succession. Recognizing these ‘syncs’ amplifies the clarity of guidance your tarot deck offers.

Daily Guidance with One Card Spreads – Simplicity at its Best

One card daily spreads are a simple yet powerful way to tune into your deck daily. These readings provide focused guidance for the day ahead, enhancing intuitiveness and creating a dialogue with your deck.

Exploring Multi-card Spreads for In-depth Insights

Multi-card spreads offer detailed insights into complex life situations. Spreads like the Celtic Cross or Three Card Spreads (Past, Present, Future) are popular options providing a comprehensive snapshot of your landscape.

Potency of Patience: Mastering Your New Tarot Deck Over Time

Gaining proficiency with a new tarot deck requires patience and regular practice. Allocate dedicated time for interacting with your deck, meditation, and nurturing your intuitive abilities. Over time, you’ll notice an enriched connection between your inner self, the universe around you, and your tarot deck.


  1. What is the first thing to do with a new Tarot deck?
    Unboxing and familiarizing yourself with each card and its energies is the first step. Following this comes cleansing and consecrating your deck according to your preference.

  2. Why is it necessary to cleanse your Tarot deck?
    Cleansing erases any accumulated energies from previous handling, allowing the deck’s natural energy to function at its fullest.

  3. How can I connect with my new Tarot deck effectively?
    Spending time with your deck, meditating, shuffling the cards, and syncing your energy aligns you with your tarot’s energy.

Remember, the journey into tarot is as profound as it is enlightening. Each step you take towards mastering your new tarot deck uncovers pieces of yourself and exposes the interplay of the macrocosm and microcosm. Here’s to starting a magical expedition with your new tarot deck!

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