Which colour to wear on which day astrology?


Unraveling the fascinating concept of "Which colour to wear on which day astrology?", our exploration takes us through the harmonious connections between colours and astrology. Colours, believed to carry specific vibrations and energy, hold significant meaning in astrology and have deep-rooted value in human lives. Astrological practices often revolve around the interplay of these colours, assigned to various planets and corresponding days.

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Understanding the Significance of Colours in Astrology

In the realm of astrology, colours embody the distinct energies and vibrations of celestial bodies. Every planet is associated with a certain colour that symbolizes its underlying qualities. The way we embrace these colours in our daily attire or ambience can directly influence our mood, attitude, and overall persona. Ultimately, this frequency alignment that resonates with different planets can impact our progress in life journey.

Exploring the Cycle of Days According to Astrology

Astrology mirrors a profound understanding of time, revolving around the cyclic rhythm of seven weekdays, each aligning with a planet. It is this magical spinning wheel where day, planet, and colour converge on a significant point of influence in astrology. As humans, being part of this celestial cycle, we are greatly swayed by these vibrational frequencies that govern each day.

Interconnection of Colours and Days in Astrological Practices

Astrological practices knit an intricate web where colours and days are wound together into a significant pattern. Wearing specific colours on distinct days while keeping alignment with the ruling planet can help optimize positive energy flows, balance mood swings, or achieve certain life goals more efficiently.

Importance of Choosing the Right Colour for Each Day

Influence of Planet Associated with Each Day

Each day of the week is under the jurisdiction of a certain planet as per astrological beliefs. Each planet has its energy spectrum represented by specific colours. Choosing the colour corresponding to the planet ruling the day can enhance your vibrational alignment with that planet, optimize its benefits, and mitigate any adversarial impacts.

Role of Colour & Its Impact on Mood and Persona

Scientifically Proven Facts About Colors Impacting Human Behavior

Scientific studies corroborate that colours subtly influence human behavior, mood, and perceptions. Red might evoke passionate energy, blue tends to soothe the mind, while green often suggests growth and renewal. This colour psychology interweaves with astrological principles in the meaningful choice of colours for each day.

Which Colour to Wear on What Day According to Astrology?

Sunday – The Radiance of Sun

Celebrate Sunday radiating with the vibrant energy of the Sun by embracing its rich golden hues and lighter shades of yellow.

Monday – Serenity With Moonlight

Capture the tranquil lunar essence on Monday with soothing white or pale hues reflecting calmness and peace.

Tuesday – Energizing With Mars

Boost your Tuesday mood with bold Mars-inspired red colour, signifying strength, courage, and dynamism.

Wednesday – Wisdom With Mercury

Adorn green on Wednesday to emulate Mercury’s intellectual vibrations that modulate clarity of thought and communication.

Friday – Calmness Imparted by Venus

Embrace Friday’s soothing vibes from Venus by dressing in whites or pastels that promote love, harmony, and beauty.


To sum up, paying heed to these color-day-planet correspondences in astrology can enhance our life journey significantly. Attuning to this colourful celestial rhythm not only enriches our lifestyle aesthetically but can also impact us psychologically and spiritually. So, next time when you wake up in the morning, remember to pick a color that resonates vibrantly with the day’s planetary rule.


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