How to bond with a tarot deck?

Understanding Tarot Deck Bonding

Tarot decks, a tool of divination, are personal interfaces to the spiritual world. Just like building a relationship with people, establishing a profound connection or bonding with your tarot deck significantly enhances your interaction with it. The deeper your bond with the tarot deck, the more insightful, accurate, and beneficial the readings will be.

How to bond with a tarot deck?Image by Kayla Maurais. Source: Unsplash.

Chapter 1: Introduction: Understanding Tarot Deck Bonding

The practice of divination using tarot decks stems from centuries ago. Over time, tarot aficionados have discovered the importance of developing an intimate bond with their decks. This practice is rooted in the belief that a taroton deck, once it resonates with its owner’s energy, can guide the owner with more precise consultations.

However, many misconceptions exist about bonding rituals. The process is sometimes misrepresented as superstitious or unnecessarily intricate. To clarify, bonding with a tarot deck isn’t about grandiose rituals; it’s about understanding that each tarot card deck understands evolving personal energies better when it aligns and bonds well with its user’s energy.

Chapter 2: Steps to Bond with a New Tarot Deck

If you’re just beginning your journey into the world of tarot decks, forging that initial bond can feel daunting. Yet it needn’t be. First, select a deck that you feel drawn toward—a deck that resonates with you. Some people believe that they should wait for someone to gift them their deck, but this isn’t necessary.

Moving on, initiation should involve some type of cleansing ritual. You could place your new deck under moonlight or sunlight or even use incense; it’s about what feels right to you. This step is about clearing any previous energy that your deck might have absorbed before coming into your hands.

Spend quality time with your deck after cleansing. Shuffle the cards, touch them, inspect the images. This interaction is unstructured – no readings yet. Note how each card’s image appeals to you, or what feelings it evokes.

Finally, consider personalizing the deck, something as simple as keeping it in a memorable cloth or box infuses the deck with your energy, and further strengthens your bond.

Chapter 3: Methods to Deepen Your Connection With An Existing Deck

If you’re already a tarot deck owner and wish to strengthen your bond, you can do so by engaging more with your deck. Daily pulls, where you pull a card each day and meditate on its meaning for you, are a good example of a bonding practice.

Taking a slow approach by spending time exploring each card over time can also help. Delve into the symbolism, stories, and personal connections that each card brings forth in your consciousness.

Consider incorporating your deck into your daily spiritual practices. For example, you might choose a card to focus on during meditation. This mixing of spiritual practice not only strengthens your connection to your deck but also enhances your overall spiritual development.

Chapter 4: Maintaining and Enhancing your Bond With the tarot deck

Just like any relationship, maintaining and enhancing the bond with your tarot deck requires regular attention. Regularly cleansing your cards can prevent energy stagnation, keeping the cards attuned to your energy.

Giving your deck respectful storage can also strengthen that connection. A sacred space for your deck helps keep it energetically clear and shows respect for the symbiotic relationship you share.

And as with all things in life, there comes a time when a tarot deck has done all it can for you. Knowing when to retire a deck is an integral part of a respectful relationship with it, as is knowing how to do so correctly.


Before we end this exploration of bonding with tarot decks, let’s address some queries that often crop up on this topic. Questions such as:

  • Ways to discern signs of a proper bond with a deck?
  • The feasibility of bonding with more than one deck at once.
  • The possibility of overbonding or becoming too dependent on a deck.
  • Struggles experienced when trying to bond with new decks.
  • The impact of your bond on the accuracy of your readings?


Forging and nurturing a deep, personal bond with your tarot deck seriously enhances the quality of your readings and engagement. It’s not just about interpreting the meanings and symbolism of the cards—it’s about blending your unique energy to create an enriching, holistic divination experience. It’s an exciting, fulfilling journey worth embarking on.

Remember, you’re not merely a tarot user, but a tarot partner, and as such, fostering that mutual respect and integration is key to successful readings.

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