How to make tarot cards out of index cards?

Chapter 1: Introduction to Tarot Cards and Index Cards

Tarot cards have, for centuries, been a significant tool in divination and fortune-telling, their mystique and charm making them an alluring draw for many who hope to understand the dynamics of their life or to explore spiritual realms. On the other side of horizons, something as ordinary as an index card carries with it an array of practical uses. Now imagine bringing together these two distinct worlds and understanding "how to make tarot cards out of index cards?" It creates a unique space where the arcane charm of tarot blends with the versatility of index cards, making your personal divination tool, a bridge between spiritual and mundane.

How to make tarot cards out of index cards?Image by Kayla Maurais. Source: Unsplash.

Chapter 2: Required Tools and Materials

Start the journey by accumulating the essential materials required for the task. Gather a pack of high-quality index cards that would act as your canvas for creating your tarot deck. Don’t forget to select art supplies, such as fine-liners, paints or colored pencils which should match your aesthetic style while providing vividness and longevity to illustrations.

When choosing index cards for your tarot deck, opt for durable options that can withstand frequent handling while retaining the quality of your artistic work. Lastly, select art supplies based on their color intensity and adherence to paper, ensuring bold and long-lasting images on your card surfaces.

Chapter 3: Preparatory Steps before Crafting your Tarot Deck

Before you dive into crafting your deck, it is crucial to understand the structure and basics of a tarot deck, which typically comprises 78 cards divided into Major and Minor Arcanas. You may want to incorporate traditional symbols or create a personal theme that resonates with you.

Next, engage in a brainstorming phase where you allow your creativity to define the theme and symbolism of your DIY tarot deck. Sketch preliminary drafts on spare index cards before finalizing your designs.

Chapter 4: Crafting Instructions for Creating your Own Tarot Card Deck from Index cards

First, start transforming your ordinary index card into an arcana card by sketching the outline with a pencil or a fine-liner. Fill the design with colors and symbols that resonate with your theme. To make your DIY tarot cards more durable and professional-like, consider laminating the cards or applying a clear varnish as a final protective layer. Lastly, ensure to focus on the layout or representation techniques for more effective readings.


Q: What are essential points to consider when drawing my images?
A: Individual creativity varies, so these could be numerous. However, some shared elements include clarity of design, significance of symbolism, and overall aesthetic harmony.

Q: How can I ensure my tarot cards will last long?
A: Use high-quality materials, especially begin with durable index cards. After finishing the artwork, applying a protective layer of laminate or clear varnish can add longevity to your makeshift tarot cards.

Q: How difficult is it to create tarot cards from an index card?
A: The difficulty would largely depend upon your artistic skills and understanding of tarot symbolism. However, with patience, practice, and passion, even someone without much artistic prowess can surely create a meaningful deck.


Creating your tarot deck out of index cards is not just about crafting; it can be a spiritual journey in itself. Preserve your handcrafted creations by storing them safely when not in use and handle them with care during readings. Enjoy discovering newer dimensions with your index-card-turned-majestic-tarot-deck!

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