How to charge your tarot cards?

Introduction to Tarot Card Charging

Tarot cards, a symbolically rich and visually captivating tool, have long been employed for spiritual introspection, personal development, and divination. An often overlooked aspect in enriching their use further is learning how to charge your tarot cards – a process of imbuing them with your personal energy or a specific intention, enhancing their efficacy. This article will journey through the unseen side of tarot card use and guide you through the steps and nuances of charging your tarot card deck.

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Brief Description of Tarot Cards and their Purpose

Tarot cards originate from the mid-15th century in Europe and have since evolved into a profound spiritual tool. A standard tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each bestowing a unique symbolism and potential message for reflection. Tarot reading involves intuitively picking cards from shuffled decks and interpreting their messages relative to the situation in question.

Importance and Implications of Charging Tarot Cards

While the cards themselves bear images ascribing meanings, the power of tarot cards is often a derivative of the connections formed between the reader, their intuition, and the cards. Charging your tarot cards elevate these connections – invigorating cards with your personal energy or imprinting your intent aligns them better with your innate wisdom and psychic power. This allows for more resonant readings.

Overview of the Process for Charging Tarot Cards

Charging tarot cards can be viewed as both art and ceremony – it involves steps from cleansing your deck from previous energies to infusing it with new intentions. While there are general practices popular within the tarot community, it is always encouraged to personalize procedures to cater to one’s unique needs and beliefs.

Unpacking the Charging Process

Learning to charge your tarot cards is as much about understanding the inherent processes as it is about executing them correctly. The charging process includes three main stages – purifying, charging with intent, and avoiding common misconceptions.

Detailed Step-by-Step Guide on How to Charge your Tarot Cards

Below are the commonly adhered to steps in charging tarot cards:

  1. Begin by cleansing your tarot deck. This can be done through various methods, such as cluttering the deck in a moonlit window or burying it in salt. This step aids in wiping out lingering energies from previous readings.

  2. Once cleansed, formulate a clear intention or query you desire the deck to assist with. Visualize this intention entering each card and connecting them as you shuffle the deck.

  3. Allow the cards to rest, immersed in your intent for some time to absorb and retain your energy.

Example Practices for Charging Tarot Cards with Intent

Charging intent into tarot cards can vary between individuals. Some might employ visualization techniques, while others prefer speaking their intentions out loud. Aligning with moon cycles or usage of additional tools like crystals and oils can also enhance charging.

Potential Mistakes during The Charging Process and how to Avoid them

While there is no absolute right way of doing things in tarot, some common errors can inadvertently weaken your card’s charge. Not having a clear intention or forgetting to cleanse your cards before charging is most common among them. Being mindful of these small details can enrich your charging process substantially.

Advanced Techniques in Charging your Tarot Card Deck

As your familiarity grows with charging, you might wish to dive deeper into enhancing your charge experience with more profound techniques such as harnessing lunar energies or using crystals.

Understanding the Effect of Moon Phases on Your Charges

Moon phases bear distinct energies and can powerfully influence the potency of your tarot charge. For instance, the new moon is ideal for intentions related to new beginnings or growth.

Using Crystals and Essential Oils in Enhancing Your Charge

Crystals and oils bear certain frequencies that can amplify the energy of your tarot cards. Partnering your charging practice with these tools can significantly augment your tarot experience.


Learning to charge your tarot cards is not just about the potential to enhance your readings but also about the opportunity to forge a deeper connection between yourself and your deck. Regularly practicing and maintaining the purity of your deck’s energy may offer you not just answers but a profound confluence of intuition, insight, and guidance.

Maintaining Your Charges: Tips for Keeping Your Deck’s Energy Pure

Keeping your tarot deck charged calls for more than just procedure — it requires consistent care and respect for the cards themselves. Regular cleansing, careful storage, and prompt recharging after substantial readings help maintain the longevity of your deck’s energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to charge a tarot card?
Charging a tarot card involves cleansing previous energies from the cards and then infusing them with your personal energy or intention, aligning them to better resonate with you.

Is it necessary to charge your tarots?
While not absolutely necessary, charging tarots can enhance their potency by connecting them closer to your intuition.

How often should I charge my tarots?
The frequency depends on individual use and personal preference; however, it’s often recommended to cleanse and recharge the cards after intensive readings or at least once every moon cycle.

What effects does charging have on my readings?
Charging can make the readings more resonant and insightful as the cards become aligned with the personal energy of the reader or the intent.

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