How to cleanse tarot cards with crystals?

Chapter 1. Introduction

One may wonder how to cleanse tarot cards with crystals in an efficient and fruitful manner. This process is more relevant and vital than it might initially seem as it allows the tarot diviner to engage with her subject matter at a more intimate, energetic level.

How to cleanse tarot cards with crystals?Image by Franco Antonio Giovanella. Source: Unsplash.

The Importance of Cleansing Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are not merely inanimate objects; they are tools of divination having their distinct energy. These energies can easily become muddled or tumultuous due to constant use or exposure to various environmental factors. Such can lead to unclear readings or misinterpretation of tarot signals. Thus, cleansing the tarot decks helps restore their energy, rejuvenate them, and even increase their lifespan.

The Role of Crystals in Energy Clearing

In contrast to other cleansing methods, utilizing crystals for cleansing tarot cards provide an enriching experience due to their innate properties of absorbing and amplifying energies. Each crystal possesses a particular vibration that corresponds with different energy centers (chakras) within the human body. When used with tarot decks, these vibrations can aid in purging any negative energy stuck within the cards and infusing positivity henceforth.

Chapter 2. Understanding Tarot Card and Crystal Energy

Taking the time to familiarize oneself with the essence of both tarot cards and crystals can further enhance the cleansing process.

Properties and Significance of Tarot Cards

Each tarot card holds specific meanings rooted in centuries-old philosophical teachings and symbolism. This symbolic language communicates through intuition and requires cleanliness of the deck for accurate perception.

How Crystals Can Enhance Tarot Readings

Crystals can elevate tarot readings through their frequency matching properties. They can bring clarity of thought by aligning energy frequencies and reducing negativity, thus promoting a clear conduit for spiritual communication.

Selecting the Right Crystals for Your Tarot Cards

The choice of crystal significantly affects the cleansing process. Different stones have different energy imprints. For instance, clear quartz acts as an energy amplifier, while amethyst is known for its purifying properties. Hence selecting the relevant crystal enhances the cleansing process.

Chapter 3: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Cleanse Tarot Cards with Crystals

The genuine transformation begins once you learn how to cleanse tarot cards with crystals actively.

Preparing your Space for the Cleansing Process

– Identify Requirements (Crystals, Cleansing Location, etc.)

Everyone’s energy is distinct, so personal interpretation and intuition should guide choosing the right crystals. A serene and quiet location for the process is also crucial.

– Pre-cleansing Rituals (if any)

Lighting sage or incense can help establish positive energy. It’s also beneficial to meditate beforehand to connect better to your spiritual self.

Detailed Process on how to Cleanse your Deck with Crystals

– Crystal Positioning and Spacing

Layout your tarot deck and place chosen crystals on them. While some prefer placing one large stone on top, others surround the deck with smaller crystals. The objective is that each card come in contact with the crystal’s energy.

– Time Required for the Process

The cleansing time can range from few hours to overnight, depending on the crystal used and the degree of energetic noise within the tarot cards.

Post-Cleansing Steps

Afterward, thank your stones for their services and store them in a sacred space for future use.

– When & How Often Should You Perform This Cleansing?

This largely depends on usage but performing it every month helps keep energies fresh. Trust your intuition here!

Chapter 4: Common Mistakes and Tips to Avoid them While Cleansing Tarot Cards with Crystals

While mistakes can surface during this cleansing process, knowing them beforehand can increase effectiveness.

Incorrect Selection of Stones or Crystals

Every crystal has unique properties. Hence, using unsuited crystals could lead to inefficient cleansing. Research well or contact an expert before choosing.

Misplacement or Wrong Positioning of Crystals During the Process

The crystal should touch each card for most effective cleansing. Inappropriate placements could lead to incomplete cleansing.

Neglecting necessary Pre or Post cleansing rituals

Engaging in rituals such as smudging, meditation could energize the space increasing the overall cleansing efficiency.

Chapter-5 Conclusion: Embracing High Energy Readings with Cleansed Tarot Decks

Understanding how to cleanse tarot cards with crystals is a transformative experience that opens paths towards high energy readings and connects oneself deeper to their spiritual journey.


Q1: Are certain types of crystals better for cleansing tarots?
Each crystal has properties which can differently affect the cleansing process. Inform yourself and choose accordingly.

Q2: What are signs that my tarots need cleansing?
Repeated unclear readings or feelings of heaviness around your deck might indicate a need for cleansing.

Q3: Can I cleanse multiple sets of tarots at once using crystals?
Though it’s possible, it’s advisable to cleanse one deck at a time to ensure proper energy clearing.

Q4: How do different types of crystals affect the energy of the tarot cards?
Crystals radiate their own energy strands, which interact with that of tarot cards. Different crystals can amplify, transmute, protect or attract specific energies.

Q5: What to do if I don’t feel any difference after cleansing my tarot cards with crystals?
In case you don’t notice any change, re-assess your chosen method or crystal. Remember, it’s about aligning energies. Patience is the key!

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