How to start a tarot reading business on instagram?


In today’s digital era, the intriguing world of Tarot Reading has woven its magic across platforms such as Instagram, capturing the hearts of millions globally. One such prospering opportunity exists in understanding how to start a tarot reading business on Instagram. It combines the timeless mystique of tarot reading with the appeal of visually engaging social media, offering a unique blend of spiritual fulfillment and entrepreneurial satisfaction.

How to start a tarot reading business on instagram?Image by Andrew Neel. Source: Unsplash.

The Rising Popularity of Tarot Reading and Instagram as a Platform

The widespread appeal and the captivation surrounding tarot reading have grown exponentially in recent years. Instagram, with its emphasis on visuals, serves as an ideal platform for showcasing vibrant tarot decks, intriguing spreads, and insightful readings. The platform provides tarot readers an immense outreach potential, considering its vast user base crossing the one billion mark.

Why Start a Tarot Reading Business on Instagram?

Launching a tarot reading business on Instagram allows aspiring entrepreneurs to tap into a market that amalgamates the spiritual realms with an impressive return on investment. This venture not only caters to the rapidly expanding market of people seeking higher understanding and guidance but also leverages the power of one of the leading social media platforms.

Understanding the Basic Premises of a Tarot Business

An Instagram tarot business revolves around offering professional tarot readings via posts or direct messages. It requires a deep understanding of tarot card interpretations, high client engagement skills, and knowledge of effective Instagram marketing practices.

Preparing for Your Business Launch

Educating Yourself About Tarot

Developing a profound knowledge and intuition for tarot is crucial before embarking on this venture. Various online courses and books are at your disposal for learning about different tarot cards and their interpretations.

Building a Robust Business Plan

A well-devised business plan is integral to defining the direction and scope of your business. It would encompass components such as target audience identification, competitive analysis, marketing strategies, revenue streams, and pricing.

Choosing the Perfect Instagram Name for Your Business

A catchy and relevant Instagram handle can significantly impact your brand recognition. It should resonate with your services while being distinctive and easily identifiable.

Creating an Engaging Bio on Instagram

An appealing and informative Instagram bio can pique the interest of potential followers. It should succinctly outline your offerings, qualifications, booking information, and a dash of personal flair.

Building Your Presence on Instagram

How to Create Engaging and Relevant Content?

Quality content is the cornerstone of any successful Instagram business. Sharing visually appealing images of your tarot cards, crafting insightful captions, posting client testimonials, and publishing engaging stories can bolster your online presence.

The Art of Hashtagging in Tarot Niche

Implementing a comprehensive hashtag strategy can amplify your reach. Relevant hashtags such as #tarotreadersofinstagram, #dailytarot, and #tarotcommunity can expose your posts to a larger audience.

Enhancing Engagement Through Direct Interactions with Followers

Regular interaction with followers through daily readings, Q&A sessions, comments, or direct messages cultivates trust and fosters a sense of community. This engagement can play a pivotal role in converting followers into paying clients.

Monetizing Your Tarot Reading Business

Options for Monetization: Offers, Packages, Collaborations, etc.

There are several avenues for monetizing your Instagram tarot business. You could offer distinct reading packages (one-question readings, full spread readings), host paid tarot lessons, collaborate with other spiritual leaders, or sell physical products like tarot decks and crystals.

When and How to Introduce Paid Readings – Pricing Considerations for your Services

As your following grows and you gain more experience, paid readings will be a logical step to scaling your business. It is crucial to determine competitive yet profitable pricing for this service.

Utilizing Features Like "Promote" And "Instagram Shop."

Instagram offers paid promotion options to extend your reach and the Instagram shop feature to sell services or merchandise directly through your profile.

Growing Your Client Base And Managing The Load

Strategies for Attracting New Followers – Giveaways, Collabs etc.

Conducting giveaways, participating in collaborations, or hosting live sessions can rapidly expand your follower base. Partnering with other Instagram influencers in your niche can also boost your profile visibility.

Managing Orders and Providing Quality Readings – Investing in Apps / Tools or manpower

Investing in productivity tools or hiring assistance can help manage order influx and ensure the quality of readings remains high. Balancing customer satisfaction and workload is key to running a sustainable business.


  • What Does It Take to Start a Successful Tarot Reading Business on Instagram? It requires tarot reading proficiency, effective Instagram marketing strategies, engagement with followers, and a consistent commitment towards growth.
  • Is It Profitable To Run A tarot reading business On IG? If Yes , How much can I expect to earn ? Yes, it can be profitable. However, earnings vary greatly based on factors such as follower count, engagement rate, and business model.
  • Where Can I Learn to Read the Tarots Professionally? Numerous online courses and books are available for those interested to learn professionally.
  • Can you give some examples of successful tarot readers running profitable business off Instagram? Some examples include Biddy Tarot (@biddytarot) and Rachel Howe (@smallspells).

Conclusion: Final Thoughts And Winding Up

By blending spiritual insight with business acumen, starting a tarot reading business on Instagram can be an enriching journey. With the right strategies, investments, and consistent effort, it holds immense potential for financial success and personal fulfillment. The peculiarities of Instagram as a platform offer unique opportunities to tarot businesses aiming to connect with a global audience. The tangible reality of running a thriving tarot business on Instagram is within reach for those equipped with knowledge, preparedness, and the willingness to invest in its potential.

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