How to cut tarot cards?


The ancient art of tarot reading involves a mysterious element of cutting the deck which can often seem elusive or arcane to many. A seemingly simple act, the procedure of cutting tarot cards has deep-seated roots in the tradition of tarot reading and plays a critical role in revealing the more profound insights about an individual’s inner psyche, their course of life, or the solutions to their burning problems.

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In this extensive guide, we will explore the significance of tarot cards, delve deeper into the tradition of cutting tarot cards, and ponder on their purpose.

Understanding Tarot Cards and Their Significance

Tarot cards are one of the oldest tools used for divination and spiritual guidance. Each card in a tarot deck carries its distinct symbolism and meaning interconnected with our lives’ various aspects – be it love, career, health, or personal growth. This ancient practice uses a traditional deck consisting of 78 cards that encompass Major Arcana (22 cards) and Minor Arcana (56 cards). The rich imagery and the individual meaning attached to each card bring forth valuable insights when properly understood.

The Tradition of Cutting Tarot Cards

The act of cutting a tarot deck harks back to centuries-old traditions intertwined with the spiritual and psychological aspects of individuals. It’s more than just dividing the deck; this symbolic gesture is believed to align with the intended person and their energies, making the reader more receptive to the messages conveyed by the cards. Furthermore, it marks the beginning of a sacred journey into unveiling insights about one’s life experiences or tangible problems.

Purpose of Cutting Tarot Cards

The main purpose of employing a cut before a tarot reading session is to break up any previous order or pattern lingering in the deck from earlier readings. By doing so, the reader separates old energies and makes room for new energies relevant to the current reading. Cutting not only aids in personalizing the reading for a specific individual or question but it also lays down the groundwork for a fresh and unbiased reading session.

Detailed Step-by-Step Guide on How to Cut Tarot Cards

Preparatory Steps Before Cutting Tarot Cards

Before you venture into cutting tarot cards, it’s crucial to establish a tranquil and serene atmosphere. Ensure your surroundings are calm and quiet, conducive to clear thinking and concentration. It’s equally important to clear your mind of miscellaneous thoughts and focus on the question or issue at hand. This will add clarity and intention to your reading, making it more accurate and insightful.

Techniques to Shuffle Tarot Cards Before the Cut

There are various methods to shuffle tarot cards before cutting the deck. Three popular methods include the Overhand shuffle, Hindu shuffle, and the Riffle shuffle. These techniques randomize the order of the cards, making them ready for a fresh reading session.

The Actual Process of Cutting the Deck

Cutting the deck can be done in several ways; common methods include the Four Pile Spread cut and Three Pile Spread cut. These cutting processes assist in focusing energy into the deck and rearranging it, based on specific problems or intentions.

Different Methods of Cutting Based On Problems or Intentions

Career-Oriented Problems/Questions

When focusing on career-oriented problems or questions, it’s essential to align your energies towards achieving success, insights into career prospects or resolving work-related issues.

Relationship-based Problems/Questions

If relationship-based issues are what you seek answers for, formulating questions with clarity specifically targeting your relationship woes can significantly impact the outcome.

Self-growth Oriented Questions

For questions aimed at self-growth, focus on introspection while cutting the deck. Questions addressing personal shortcomings or roadblocks to self-improvement will yield insightful results.

Post-Cutting Procedures and Interpretation Tips

Analysing Results After a Cut

Interpreting tarot cards require a mix of intuition and understanding of the card meanings. Once the cards are cut and set, practice connecting with the energies and messages emanating from the cards to obtain insightful answers.

Basic Tips for Interpreting the Outcome

Keep your mind open, avoid jumping to conclusions, and look into the nuances that each card brings to the story. Remember, interpreting outcomes is also about weaving together the narrative that the cards are offering.

Conclusion: Embracing Personal Style in Cutting Tarot Card Decks

The art of cutting tarot cards is deeply personal and variates among different people. With practice and experience, individuals can develop their unique style that suits their intuition and reading technique best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does cutting tarot cards signify?

Cutting tarot cards signifies breaking up previous order or patterns in the deck, distancing it from old energies, and making room for new insights.

Can I use any deck for cutting tarots?

While a traditional Tarot deck is generally preferred, you can use any card deck you feel comfortable with or draw a connection.

Are there any ‘wrong’ methods in cutting tarots?

There aren’t necessarily ‘wrong’ methods, but the intention and focus put into the act matter significantly.

How can I enhance my proficiency at asking questions before a cut?

By practicing formulating clear, open-ended questions and focusing on specific issues during each reading, you can enhance your proficiency.

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