How to find your significator card tarot?

Introduction to Tarot and Significator

When it comes to exploring the mystical realm of tarot reading, one key aspect that’s often examined is: ‘How to find your significator card tarot?’. The significator, or signifier, not only plays a crucial role in tarot readings but also provides a deeper understanding of an individual’s personality, traits and life circumstances.
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Understanding the Basics of Tarot

Tarot reading is an ancient divinatory practice that makes use of a special deck of cards called Tarot cards. These cards carry symbolic meanings – both pictorial and thematic – and their interpretation can be personal to the reader or generally accepted, based on traditional meanings. The deck is divided into two groups: the Major Arcana, referring to big life changes, spirituality and personal growth; and the Minor Arcana, which deal more with daily issues.

What is a Significator Card in Tarot Reading?

A significator is foundational to a tarot reading. It represents the querent—the person seeking advice—and serves as a point of reference for the reading. The chosen card can reveal subtle insights into personality, characteristics, situations, or the underlying themes in life. Different methodologies exist for selecting a significator card, contributing to its overall importance in tarot.

The Importance of Identifying Your Significator Card

Choosing your significator card is not a task to overlook. It provides a focal point for readings, making them more specific and insightful. Being aware of your significator card helps keep readings focused on your specific concerns or questions. It’s like shining a light on certain aspects of your life: it helps illuminate hidden paths, provide clarity and offer guidance.

Different Approaches to Find Your Significator Card

There are many ways through which you can identify your significator card in tarot. Some rely on astrological correlations, some on intuition, while others take into account age or gender.

Analysis Based on Zodiac Signs

Significator cards can be picked by aligning them with your zodiac sign. In this approach, the 12 Court Cards of the Minor Arcana are matched to the 12 zodiac signs, helping you find the card representative of your inherent personality or life stage as per astrology.

Method of Selection through Intuition

Contrary to the rules-based method of zodiac signs, some readers rely on intuitive selection. In this method, you simply scan through the deck and choose a card that your instinct draws you to. This is a powerful way of finding your significator card as it deeply resonates with your subconscious.

Age and Gender-Based Approach in Finding the Significator

This traditional method categorizes the Court Cards into different age groups and genders. For instance, Pages often represent children, Knights represent young adults, Queens are adult women while Kings represent adult men. This approach can be very straightforward if you feel the connection between these characteristics and their usual depictions in tarot.

Diving Deeper into Each Major Arcana as Significators

Exploring Individual Cards and their Signification

Each of the 22 Major Arcana cards has a unique representation that can serve as a significator—this includes archetypes like The Empress (a symbol of nurturing and fulfillment) or The Hermit (representing introspection).

Correlation Between Major Arcana Cards and Different Aspects of Life

Understanding how different Major Arcana cards are associated with various facets of life deepens context. For example, The Lovers represents relationships and decisions, while The Wheel of Fortune might represent life’s unexpected turns.

Mastering the Art of Using Your Significator Card

Enhancing Tarot Readings with the Help of the Identified Significators

Once you’ve identified your significator card, experimenting with different reading spreads can make your tarot journey dynamic and insightful. Additionally, focusing on the position and relation of the significator within these spreads deepens understanding.

Case Study Examples: How Effective Use of the Significators Influences Readings

An effective use of significators can be seen in instances where a reading’s context was unclear but became clearer when the significator card was taken into account. Such case studies underscore the significance of these specific tarot cards.


  1. Beginner tarot learners can choose their significator card based on their zodiac sign or use the age and gender-based approach for easier selection.
  2. Yes, your tarot significator can change over time, as it should represent you in your current phase of life.
  3. It’s not necessary to use a significator in every reading, but doing so anchors the reading to your current energies or influences.

Conclusion: The Power and Potential of Knowing Your Tarot Significator Card

In conclusion, finding your significator card is a self-reflective journey that offers insights into your being, enhancing your tarot reading experiences as well as your understanding about yourself. It’s liberating and empowering—a key that unlocks a deeper consciousness, helping you align better with your life’s choices and decisions.

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