How to do a tarot reading for someone else far away?


Navigating through our elusive world involves a sense of understanding and intuition, and one of the potent tools to tap into these insights is tarot. A crucial question, however, is: "How to do a tarot reading for someone else far away?" In this article, we’ll delve into the art of distant tarot reading, taking you through the preliminary understanding and preparation phases, distinct methods you can employ, ethical considerations, closing activities, as well as tackling fascinanting FAQs you might have.

How to do a tarot reading for someone else far away?Image by Jilbert Ebrahimi. Source: Unsplash.

Understanding the Concept of Distant Tarot Reading

The concept of a distant or remote tarot reading is rooted in the belief that tarot cards can access and channel psychic energy from anywhere, containing symbolic images and meanings. When we read tarot for those far away, we utilize empathetic, intuitive energy to connect with the querent’s present circumstances and aspirations, no matter their geographic location.

The Power and Purpose of Tarot

Tarot, beyond its deck of vividly illustrated cards, functions as a mirror reflecting different dimensions of our existence. It helps clarify uncertain areas of life and provides guidance to tackle challenges. For distant tarot readings, its purpose remains identical. It creates an invaluable channel for knowing and sensing the querent’s consciousness, revealing insightful glimpses about their journey ahead or answering their burning queries.

Exploring the Dynamics of Distance Reading

Distance reading alters the dynamics of traditional in-person tarot reading. Direct physical contact with querents is replaced by a mindful selection of cards on their behalf. The virtual session still holds space for discussions about the querent’s concerns while the reader interprets the symbology within each selected card.

Preparing for a Distant Tarot Reading

Selecting Your Tarot Deck

Choose a tarot deck that aligns with your intuition and practice. Some tarot readers prefer using different decks for local and remote readings, while others use a single deck for every reading. Reflect on the feel, images, and energy of each deck to decide accordingly.

Pre-Reading Rituals to Enhance Focus and Connection

Creating a calm and centered environment is crucial before jumping into a distant tarot reading. Rituals such as lighting candles or incense, meditating, or arranging a sacred space can help cultivate mental clarity and heightened intuitive perception.

Setting the Intentions for Your Reading

Mindfully setting your intention for a remote reading enables an energetic connection to the querent. Repeating a dedicated intention or prayer can channel the energies towards the specific purpose of providing guidance and support.

Understanding the Querent: Essential Information Gathering

Before the session, gathering information about your querent’s current state and inquiries is essential. This exchange of information helps in coining intentions that are precisely tailored for the querent’s needs.

Distinct Methods for Remote Tarot Readings

Traditional Readings vs Distance Readings: The Differences

While traditional readings involve the querent shuffling and choosing the cards themselves, in a distance reading, the reader shuffles and selects empathy-drawn cards, setting the intentions on behalf of them. Despite the differences in format, both methods are rooted in intuitive energy and symbolic interpretation.

Spread Layouts Suitable for Distance Readings

Specific spread layouts like "Three Card Spread" or "Celtic Cross Spread" work well for distant readings, providing clear answers to the querent’s specific questions or giving in-depth analyses of their life situations.

Performing a Virtual Tarot Reading by Phone or Video Call

A virtual tarot reading can be done via phone or video call. The reader interprets the spread to the querent, explaining each card’s significance concerning their question or situation. The interaction remains similar to an in-person reading.

Mastering Ethical Considerations in Distance Tarot Reading

Respecting Client Privacy and Confidentiality

Preserving client privacy is a cornerstone in tarot. Details shared by the querent during the session should be treated as confidential. As a reader, it’s imperative to offer an open, respectful, and safe environment where the querent feels at ease to share their concerns.

Navigating Emotional Sensitivity during Online Sessions

Distance readings can stir powerful emotions in querents. The reader must navigate these emotions with sensitivity, addressing difficult revelations in a positive light, and encouraging the querent to see potential learning and growth opportunities in difficult experiences.

Dealing with Difficult Revelations or Negative Card Interpretations

Tarot readings may sometimes highlight adverse situations. Making sure to deliver these insights in a considerate manner, reminding the client that tarot is a tool for guidance and not an absolute prediction, is essential.

Closing Actions in a Distant Tarot Reading

Documenting and Passing on Message to the Querent

Once the reading is complete, document the reading’s details and share them with your querent. This step is crucial as it not only helps them make sense of the insights provided but also allows them to revisit the reading later.

The Significance of Post-reading Grounding Techniques

Closing rituals or grounding techniques restore balance after an energetic tarot reading. Techniques such as deep breathing, visualization exercises or grounding meditation guide your energy back into your physical space, dispelling any lingering energies from the reading.

Ensuring Follow-up Procedures

After a reading, querying about the querent’s insights, establishing follow-up procedures in case of further questions or discussions makes the experience far more valuable for them.


Q: How can I ensure precision in my distance tarot reading?

A clear understanding of tarot card meanings, trained intuition, focus, good rapport with the querent and setting well-aligned intentions ensures your tarot reading is accurate.

Q: Is it possible to connect effectively with a querent over a virtual platform?

Absolutely, the quality and depth of the reading primarily depend upon the reader’s intuition and ability to interpret the cards. The medium (virtual or in-person) plays a secondary role.

Q: How does tarot excel in addressing personal matters from a distance?

Tarot can address personal inquiries with precision and depth, as it channels universal energies and truths. Distance does not limit its potency.

Q: What are some recommended decks for distance reading?

The Rider-Waite deck, Thoth Tarot, and the Shadowscapes Tarot are popular choices. Ultimately, the deck that resonates with you intuitively will be the most powerful tool for you.

Q: Are there any specific layouts that aid distant readings?

Spread layouts like the Three Card Spread or the Celtic Cross Spread work particularly well with distance readings as they provide clear and specific insights.


Summarizing the Role of Potency in Distant Tarot Reading

To encapsulate, the potency of a distant tarot reading hinges on proper preparation, mindful intention-setting, maintaining ethical considerations, and masterful translation of card meanings. While the dynamics differ from in-person readings, its ability to provide profound insight is equally potent.

Celebrating Distance Tarot Reading: Bridging Spaces with Intuition

To conclude, distance tarot reading is an avenue that bridges geographic and temporal separations. It enables readers to extend their reach beyond immediate surroundings, providing intuitive guidance to those near or far. Thus, celebrating this art form hails the power of intuition and connection, drawing us closer irrespective of distances. Empowered with this guide about "How to do a tarot reading for someone else far away?", readers can step confidently into the expansive world of distant tarot readings.

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