How to interview your tarot deck?


A profound understanding of the art of tarot reading goes beyond apparent symbols and meanings. At the core, it is about building a strong bond with your tarot deck. A fundamental part of this process is conducting an interview with your tarot deck.

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The Significance of Interviewing Your Tarot Deck

An interview with your tarot deck is an essential step that should not be overlooked, particularly for those who are new to tarot reading. The practice is usually performed right after acquiring a new deck. The purpose of this interview lies in enabling the reader to unearth the personality, strengths, weaknesses, and the overall energy of the deck. This understanding deeper connection between the reader and the deck that enhances specific readings and interpretations.

Understanding Tarot Decks and their Personality

Every tarot deck has a unique personality much like an individual. In many ways, each card in a deck serves as a facet of this larger personality, combining to form a nuanced whole. Interviewing your deck aids in exploring this intricate network of meanings, while also shedding light on how the deck speaks through its artwork, symbols and archetypes.

Origins of the Practice of Deck Interviewing

Interviewing a tarot deck is not a recent fad but has roots tracing back to when used these cards to divine unknown facts or predict future events. Practitioners have been interviewing their decks for centuries not just to bond better with them, but also understand these decks’ distinctive energies and characteristics.

Preparing for the Tarot Deck Interview

A tarot deck interview demands mental clarity and a calm surrounding. This preparation process sets the stage for an open conversation with your deck.

Choosing a Quiet, Distraction-Free Environment

When preparing for your interview, choose a quiet space where you won’t be distracted or interrupted. This tranquility allows for better concentration and deeper communion with your cards.

Clearing your Mind and Centering Your Self

Before starting the interview, meditate, or devote a few minutes to clearing your mind. This removal of distractions and stressors allows you to be more receptive to the messages conveyed by the tarot deck.

Energetically Cleansing Your Tarot Deck

Clear your deck of previous energies by shuffling it or placing it under moonlight. Use incense or candles if required. Cleansing your deck can be as simple or as ceremonial as you desire, as long as it brings you a feeling of freshness and connection with your deck.

Conducting the Tarot Deck Interview

It’s now time to dive deep into the realm of tarot and initiate the interview, unlocking the untapped potential of your deck.

The Importance of Phrasing Your Questions Correctly

The success of your tarot interview hugely depends on how effectively you phrase your questions. Open-ended questions, rather than yes or no ones, are recommended. This invites extensive insights and allows the tarot to present its rich imagery and profound wisdom.

Carrying out a Six-Card Spread for an In-Depth Interview

Historically, a six-card spread is used for conducting a comprehensive interview with the deck. Each card corresponds to a question about the deck’s characteristics and capabilities. Each interpretation gives valuable insight into understanding your deck on a more profound level.

Decoding and Interpreting The Responses From Your Deck

Decoding and interpreting responses from your deck require patience and openness. It’s essential to remember that tarot speaks in metaphors and symbols. Establishing a personal connection with these symbols will make you more adept at understanding the responses.

Post-Interview Reflection and Analysis

The interview doesn’t end with interpreting cards responses; rather, this is where the true introspection begins.

Reviewing Your Interpretations & Understanding Their Meanings

Ponder over the answers given by your deck, striving to connect them with their broader implications. It is beneficial to reserve a quiet time to engage in such a review and dig deep into understanding your deck’s energy.

Recording Responses in a Tarot Journal

Keeping a tarot journal where you record and reflect on the responses can be immensely helpful. Over time, it becomes a valuable tool for tracking your growth as a reader and reinforcing your connection with your deck.

Perform Regular Check-In readings With your deck

Post-Interview, regular check-ins with your deck will solidify your bond and keep the lines of communication open. It helps adjusting with changing energies and deepens your reading experience.


Interviewing your tarot deck is an enriching exercise that opens channels of understanding and communication between you and your cards. This practice brings insightful depths to your readings and empowers you to read with greater confidence and intuition. Understanding the personality of your tarot deck is the first step in becoming a proficient tarot reader.


  1. What is a tarot deck interview? Why is it important? A tarot deck interview is a process where a reader interacts with their deck to understand its energy, strengths, and weaknesses. It’s essential as it fosters a deep connection with the deck, allowing for more accurate and insightful readings.

  2. How to cleanse my tarot deck before an interview? You can cleanse your tarot deck by shuffling it or leaving it under moonlight. Burning sage or using special crystals are also common methods for energetic cleansing.

  3. How should I phrase my questions during a tarot deck interview? Questions should be open-ended, inviting comprehensive responses from the deck, enabling the reader to interpret subtle nuances of the cards’ messages.

  4. How often do I need to perform interviews with my tarot deck? While there are no hard rules, it’s advised to interview a new deck when you first acquire it. Regular check-in readings can help maintain and strengthen your connection with your deck.

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