How to prepare for tarot reading?

How to Prepare for Tarot Reading

In the realm of mysticism and personal introspection, tarot reading stands as a powerful tool, a guide for self-discovery, and for many, a beacon of light in the journey towards spiritual growth. Tarot, a deck of 78 symbolic cards, offers unique narratives that are profoundly personal and deeply insightful. To truly tap into its potential, one must prepare adequately and approach it with intent. This detailed guide is meticulously designed to unveil the nuances that surround "how to prepare for tarot reading". Herein the discussions will lead you across the threshold of understanding, into the realm of tarot, and help you make the most out of your readings.

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Understanding Tarot Reading

Before embarking on any journey, understanding the terrain is pertinent. Tarot readings are rich in symbolism and layered with deeper meanings that can be traced back to their historical origins.

Tarot decks, originally used in different parts of Europe as simple card games around the 15th century, have through centuries evolved into tools of divination and spiritual consultation. They gained popularity in the 18th century when French and English occultists revealed them as profound tools for introspection and personal growth.

At the heart of tarot reading are two sections: The Major Arcana, representing life’s spiritual and karmic lessons, and the Minor Arcana, reflecting trials and tribulations experienced on an everyday level. The interaction of these cards allows for a more comprehensive analysis of various life situations.

Mental and Spiritual Preparations

The power of tarot reading largely depends on your mental state. Preparing yourself mentally involves nurturing your intuition, focusing your thoughts, and setting a clear intention.

Meditation is an optimal practice that helps attune to your intuition and increase your focus. Starting with just a few minutes before a reading can enhance your emotional awareness. Your energy greatly influences the tarot reading process, and having a calm composure helps.

Another key aspect is setting an intention before the tarot reading. Make it clear and direct. This helps specify what you seek from the reading, guiding the reader to interpret the cards relevant to your queries.

Physical Preparations

Preparing for tarot reading isn’t limited to mental and spiritual preparation. The physical setting can significantly influence the reading’s quality.

Begin by creating a conducive and comfortable environment for your reading. This space should reflect calmness and invite positive energies. Opt for a clean, clutter-free space with natural light if possible.

The selection and care of your tarot deck also play a crucial role. A well-chosen deck resonates with your personal energy, hence facilitating better readings. Regular cleansing rituals help maintain the harmony between you and your deck, creating a sacred bond.

Tips for Achieving A Successful Tarot Reading

Approach your tarot reading with an open mind ready for messages the universe has to offer. Allow yourself to absorb these insights without resistance, preconceived notions, or judgment.

Framing questions effectively also helps in deriving accurate readings. Open-ended questions usually yield more insightful responses than yes/no queries. Understanding that cards can take on different contexts is crucial too. A card isn’t strictly negative or positive but depends on its placement, surrounding cards, and the question asked.


"To cleanse yourself before a Tarot reading, engage in meditation, take deep breaths, or visualize a clear white light enveloping you."

"The quality of your deck plays a significant role in your Tarot readings. A good quality deck that you connect with can yield deeper, more intuitive readings."

"Enhancing intuition before a Tarot reading involves practices such as meditation, yoga, and mindfulness exercises that nurture your inner awareness."


Preparing for a Tarot reading is as profound as the reading itself. By understanding tarot’s rich historical context, you can appreciate the profundity of this esoteric art. Ensuring mental and spiritual readiness aids in more insightful readings, just as maintaining a positive and comfortable environment does. Remember to approach every reading with an open mind and ready to interpret the messages from the universe. With these steps, you are well on your way to gaining deep insights from your Tarot readings.

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