What does the eight of wands mean in tarot?

Chapter 1: Introduction to Tarot and the Eight of Wands

Tarot, rich in mystique and intrigue, serves as a symbolic map of consciousness that encompasses our journey through life, both spiritually and practically. Within this system, each card lends a unique insight, and none more so than the eight of wands, the focus of our discussion today. But what does the eight of wands mean in tarot?

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Understanding Tarot as a Divination Tool

The tarot has long been revered as a profound divination tool. It uses archetypal symbols to express universal ideas and experiences. These symbols act like a mirror for our deeper wisdom, revealing insights about our personal journeys. The tarot accomplishes this through 78 cards divided into two sections: The Major Arcana, which represents significant life events and deep spiritual lessons, and the Minor Arcana that deals with daily nuances and life’s minor hurdles.

The Significance of Wands in Tarot

In the realm of tarot, wands represent inspirations, actions, creativity and will. They communicate the energy that fuels one’s desire to bring about transformation. The suit of wands corresponds to the element of fire, evoking passion, motivation and personal drive.

Overview of the Eight of Wands Card

We arrive now at the eight of wands- a card pulsing with energy and movement. The image typically depicts eight staves flying through the air at top speed – indicating a flurry of activity and a rush towards a resolution. Movement, swift changes, action and conclusion are some common pointers that define this card.

Chapter 2: Deep Dive into the Eight of Wands

Understanding the picture that each card paints is pivotal to comprehending its symbolic significance.

Imagery and Symbolism on the Eight of Wands card: What Do They Represent?

Engraved on the Eight of Wands, you’d generally see eight uninhibited wands flying high in the sky. This symbolizes energy in the most abrupt form. The quick movement of the staves indicates an unrestricted flow of energy and ideas.

Numerological Significance of Number ‘8’ in Tarot Reading

Symbolically, the number eight represents balance, cycles and recurrence, and reappearance. This signals a shift in power, change, transformation, and action when viewed in relation to wands.

Chapter 3: Interpretation and Meaning of the Eight of Wands in Different Scenarios

As with every card in tarot, Eight of Wands holds different meanings in various situations.

Meanings if Drawn Upright: Love, Work, Health, and More

In an upright position, this card signifies rapid action and quick decisions. It suggests that things are about to heat up! Expect your situation to change rapidly when this card surfaces. It may point towards a sudden journey, or rapid transformations in love or work life. With health, it may indicate recovery or sudden clarity about treatment.

Meanings if Drawn Reversed: Love, Work, Health, and More

In a reversed position, the Eight of Wands represents delays or sluggishness. In love scenarios, it may denote slower progress or a standstill. In work surroundings, it may suggest projects getting delayed, while for health situations it could indicate postponements in treatment.

Chapter 4: Frequently Asked Scenarios for Drawn in a Reading

The intriguing nature of tarot leaves us with countless queries.

How to Interpret if Paired with Different Suits?

When coupled with other suits, the Eight of Wands intensifies the energy of the partnered card adding a sense of urgency or haste to its meaning. Depending on whether paired with cups (emotions), swords (intellect), or pentacles (material aspects), the Eight of Wands can indicate rushing emotional decisions, hurried thinking, or hasty financial decisions respectively.

Real-life examples where Eight of Wands has direct implications

If you’re starting a new project at work, drawing Eight of Wands in tarot might indicate swift progress and rapid development. Similarly, in personal relationships or health-related matters, the appearance of this card denotes a quick change or a sudden pivot in circumstances.


The Eight of Wands card symbolizes dynamic movement and intense activity. Its influence extends to other cards as well, such as when paired with different suits. Understanding tarot deeply helps you to embrace these changes with more confidence. As you venture further into your journey with tarot, experience the real-life interpretations of each draw to find your own personalized connection to these powerful symbols.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does it mean if I get a reversed eight wands?
    When drawn reversed, the Eight of Wands suggests slowdown, delay or a block in progress.

  • How can I relate my real-life scenario with ‘Eight wands drawn’?
    In real life, it could indicate a quick resolution to a problem or sudden changes.

  • Is it a good card if I draw it in terms of health, Wealth, and love triangle(scenarios)?
    It symbolizes quick activities or changes. In situations like health or wealth, it can suggest quick recovery or sudden prosperity. In love scenarios, it might suggest rapid development.

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