How to read astrology degrees?


In the realm of astrology, understanding degrees carries a lot of weight in interpreting astrological charts. Diving into "How to read astrology degrees?" requires some pivotal grasp on a set of basic terminologies, rudimentary astrological concepts and an analysis of critical degrees in astrology.

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Understanding the Importance of Astrology Degrees

Astrological degrees, essentially, allow us to delve deeper into a person’s astrology chart, providing nuances that enrich our interpretation. By degrees, we can enhance insights into one’s personality traits, life story, strengths, weaknesses, and overall life patterns. They have an integral role in examining the contrasts and similarities in multiple aspects within astrological readings.

Basic Terminologies in Reading Astrology Degrees

In astrology, there are a variety of terms are needed to thoroughly understand how to read degrees. These include: the Sun sign (your basic identity), Moon sign (your emotions), Mercury sign (your mind and communication), Mars sign (your drive), and Ascendant or Rising sign (how others perceive you). An understanding of these terms provides a solid foundation in decoding astrology degrees.

A Brief Overview on the Concept of Astrology Degrees

Astrology degrees are referred to as the specific degree of the zodiac sign where a planet is located at your time of birth. Combined with other planets and elements of your horoscope, they contribute to your complete astrological profile.

Deciphering Astrology Degrees

Knowing where to start with interpreting astrology degrees may be sometimes baffling due to its mystifying characteristics.

How to Identify Astrology Degrees in a Birth Chart

In an astrological birth chart, you will see planets represented by symbols located inside a wheel. Each planet’s position is indicated by a degree number, which represents their exact position within the zodiac sign they reside in at the moment of birth. These specific positions play an influential role in shaping one’s astrological makeup.

Zodiac Signs and Their Corresponding Degree Ranges

Each of the twelve zodiac signs corresponds to a thirty-degree section of the 360 degree zodiac wheel, making them integral in interpreting degrees in astrology. These degree ranges offer numerous insights about individual behavior, given the planet in a certain degree.

Interpreting Planets and Their Positions in Different Degree Points

The degree points of planets provide an in-depth understanding of an individual’s astrological profile. Every degree point has a particular zodiac character, intensifying the planet’s characteristics in that degree.

The Impact of Critical Degrees on an Individual’s life

With an understanding of how to decipher astrology degrees, we can further delve into the power of critical degrees.

Explanation of Critical (Anaretic) Degrees in Astrology

In astrology, critical or Anaretic degrees are the last degree (29th degree) of any zodiac sign and have a strong reputation for being significant points of transformation, intensity, and crisis. They are believed to present unique challenges that may influence one’s life journey and growth potential.

How Anaretic Degrees Influence different Life Areas

With planets at Anaretic degrees in your chart, several life areas may show perceived challenges or heightened focus. The house possessing the Anaretic degree discloses which area of life these challenges will manifest, mastering which requires resilience, dexterity and patience.

Case Studies Representing The Effects of Critical Degrees

Several case studies show how a person with an Anaretic degree in their chart might experience strain or intensified focus in a particular area of life. Real-life examples provide profound insights about real impact and influence.

Advanced Techniques for Reading Astrological Degrees

Astrology reading can be enhanced by grasping certain tactics which provide many layered reading.

Harnessing the Power of Decans in Astrological Analysis

Decans are another interesting layer of astrology. Each zodiac sign is divided into three 10-degree sections known as decans. Decans provide further insight when examining the influence of the planets and houses in your chart.

Integral Role of Sabian Symbols in Interpreting Astrological degrees.

Sabian symbols are specific symbols or images associated with each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. These symbols serve as an intuitive framework through which we can perceive unique aspects of each degree.


Understanding how to read astrology degrees involves more than simply analyzing the position of the planets in your birth chart. A thorough understanding of astrological degrees illuminates meaning in multiple areas of our lives, pushing limits of understanding deeper and realizing a far more personalized astrological analysis.

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