What does the five of wands mean in tarot?

Chapter 1. Introduction

Within the realm of divination, Tarot Cards hold tremendous significance, acting as a profound tool of insight and guidance. Specifically, the Suit of Wands in Tarot is particularly noteworthy considering its association with fiery passion, determination, and ambition. Central to our discussion today is the card labeled as "Five of Wands." Unraveling what does the five of wands mean in tarot could prove enlightening.

What does the five of wands mean in tarot?Image by Kayla Maurais. Source: Unsplash.

Diving deep into the concept, let’s have a brief overview of this card. The Five of Wands serves as a symbolic representation of challenges and conflicts that one might face on their life journey. Typically, it points to a situation where there is a lack of harmony and more of rivalry or competition.

Chapter 2: Unveiling the Five of Wands Symbolism

Peeling back the layers, it becomes essential to understand the key symbols on The Five of Wands Card. The card features five individuals each holding a wand, thus symbolizing inner turmoil or external conflict. Their chaotic arrangement suggests disorder and disruption.

But there are deeper meanings behind these symbols. For instance, despite the apparent disagreement, none of these figures are genuinely hurt in any manner. So, it could be interpreted as a depiction of constructive conflict that eventually leads to growth or change. Paradise is not intended for those who sit calmly but rather for those who confront their challenges.

Chapter 3: The Five Of Wands In Detail

Let’s interpret the card in both its upright and reversed positions.

Upright Position Interpretation

Within a Love and Relationship Context: The Five of Wands indicates a phase of strife or tension. It might signify conflicts, disagreements, or competition within a relationship but take comfort; these battles will lead to stronger bonds post resolution.

Referencing a Career and Work context: This card could signify competition at the workplace, perhaps a tussle for a position or a project. There could be chaos, too, as there may be too many ideas floating around and not enough harmony.

Reversed Position Interpretation

Within a Love and Relationship Context: The Reversed Five of Wands might indicate that after a period of struggle and conflict, peace is coming. The storm has passed, and calm waters are on their way.

Reference to a Career and Work context: The card suggests that office conflicts or professional rivalries are settling down at this point. You may have learned to work collaboratively, embracing the strengths of others rather than engaging in competition.

Chapter 4: Navigating Life with the Five of Wands

Addressing Challenges with Learning from the Five of Wand’s Message

Life presents itself with a myriad of challenges, but every problem carries the seed of its own solution—an insight that can be drawn from the Five of Wands. Even in the face of adversity and competition, you can find constructive ways to deal with them. Use conflict as a catalyst for growth and development.

Optimizing Opportunities with Insight from the five of wands

The Five of Wands can also serve as a guide in recognizing opportunities amidst crisis. The card exhorts individuals not to be disheartened by competition rather view it as an opportunity for self-refinement. It’s time to comprehend that harmony born out of discord brings about genuine resolutions.


Q: How should I interpret a reversed five of wands?
A: The reversed five of wands often symbolizes an end to conflicts or competition. It could mean that harmony has been restored after a challenging period.

Q: In what contexts does five of wands generally show up in a tarot reading?
A: Five of Wands usually emerges in scenarios where there is strife, conflict, disagreement, competition, or creative chaos. It might manifest itself in both personal and professional contexts, symbolizing growth through challenges.

Q: Can "Five Of Wands" be tied to significant life events or experiences?
A: Yes, the "Five of Wands" can be associated with significant life events that involve conflict or competition. This could represent conflicts within a relationship, rivals vying for the same position, or a personal challenge to overcome.


In retrospect, we can conclude that the Five of Wands card shines a light on our path during times of conflict and struggle. It gives us profound insight into how to transform these challenges into opportunities for growth. Being able to grasp the essence of what does the five of wands mean in tarot, places you in a better position to navigate life’s battles. Step forward boldly into your journey of self-discovery and enlightenment with understanding that even conflict can lead to harmony, and from chaos, order is born.

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