Why do you knock on tarot cards?

Why do you knock on tarot cards?

The essence of tarot reading lies not only in the cards themselves but also in the cosmic energy interplay that each reading session initiates. A persistent question that emerges in this realm is, "Why do you knock on tarot cards?" This article aims to explore the roots of this tradition, its significance, and how it influences the practice of tarot reading.

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Unveiling the Mystique: Tarot Cards in Brief

Tarot cards, also known as divination or cartomancy cards, play an essential role in spiritual readings. It is a way through which readers engage with energies of the universe to find answers or untangle complexities of life. They serve as a bridge connecting the physical and spiritual realms, delivering messages from the supernatural world to us in a language we understand.

User Guide: Knocking on Tarot Cards

Knocking on tarot cards—a simple yet extensive mechanism—is a ritual often performed by readers before a tarot reading session. This translates to beating lightly or rapping on the deck with a knuckle or fingers. This practice is not exclusive to tarot reading but is also seen in other divination card systems.

Tarot Reading and Its Benefits

Tarot reading is an interaction with your higher self and a tool for gaining insights to navigate life’s ups and downs. Whether it’s understanding past actions, grounding present scenarios, or exploring future possibilities, tarot card readings can help illuminate life paths.

Decoding The Ritual: Understanding Tarot Card Knocking

Delving Deeper – What Does Knocking on Tarot Cards Signify?

Knocking on tarot cards serves as an act of respect and cleansing. When tarot readers knock on their deck, they are demonstrating respect towards the spiritual powers that guide them in their readings and are clearing away any negative energies that may have attached to the cards during previous usage.

Historical References – Origins of the Tarot Card Knocking Practice

The exact origins of knocking on tarot cards are difficult to trace, primarily because the tradition pertains more to verbal than written transmission. Its roots might lie in old superstitions, where knocking on wood was believed to ward off evil spirits—a theory some tarot practitioners abide by.

The Science – Psychic Energy & its Connection with the Practice of Card Knocking

Card knocking also has a unique scientific perspective. The tradition is sometimes linked with neutralizing the static electricity that could have been accumulated in the cards. Hence, knocking dispels that energy and restores balance.

Practical Intricacies: How to Knock on a Tarot Deck

Proceedings of the Ritual – Guide to Correctly Knock on a Tarot Deck

To knock on a tarot deck, hold the entire deck in one hand. With the other hand, knock three times on the deck’s top. The vibration stirred by this act is what drives away undesirable energies.

Focusing Intent – Channelizing energy while knocking on tarot cards

Being conscious of one’s intent while performing this ritual plays a crucial role. Before knocking, it can be helpful to center oneself and state their intention clearly—whether it’s to cleanse, align, or activate the cards.

Advanced Topics related to card knocking

Beyond Notion- Other Rituals Associated with Reading Tarots

Aside from knocking, various rituals are associated with preparing tarot cards for a reading session. These include shuffling, cutting, invoking protection, and more—regulated by an individual reader’s beliefs and experiences.

Relevant Variations – Alternative Practices in Different Cultures

Cultural variations also influence the methodologies applied within the practice of tarot reading. While knocking is widely adopted, other rituals might involve actions like dancing, singing, or even burning incense around the cards.


-Why is it significant to knock on tarot cards before reading them?
Knocking on tarot cards serves as a cleansing ritual to clear any negative energies attached to the cards from previous readings, ensuring a fresh and unbiased reading each time.

-What is the right way of knocking on a card?
The standard practice is to hold the deck in one hand and knock three times on its top. The number three carries significant spiritual symbolism in many cultures.

-What does it mean when we knock three times?
Knocking three times is believed to symbolize the holy trinity in Christian traditions—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In a broader sense, it symbolizes mind, body, and spirit in many spiritual disciplines.

-Are there any other rituals of cleansing psychic energy from tarots?
Yes, besides card knocking, other popular methods include smudging or incense burning, use of crystals, or cleansing with light or sunlight.

Conclusion: Analyzing Impact– How does Card-Knocking Influence Your Readings?

In conclusion, knocking on tarot cards is a meaningful tradition that serves purposes beyond the apparent physical act. It’s an exercise that encompasses cleaning the spiritual environment and inviting positive vibrations for an enlightening tarot reading session. It’s indicative of the reverence held for the powers that guide the process and affects the quality and clarity of insights gained during a reading. While its practice might vary from reader to reader, its existence across cultures speaks volumes about its importance in tarot card reading rituals worldwide.

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